Friday, March 30, 2012

I've been seriously hungry!

This past week all I want to do is eat and it's been really, really hard to reel it in too. And it's not like other times when I just have sweet cravings. I'm just hungry and would eat anything - a huge salad, a big piece of chicken - just FOOD!

And I'm having a hard time figuring this one out. When it was sugar I was after, I just realized I had to tough it out. I wasn't needing sugar, I was just craving sugar, but this true food craving has me baffled. Am I missing something in my diet? Is my body demanding more as I've pushed myself a bit more with exercise? Is it the lack of sleep (and I've been seriously getting lousy and short sleep the last week)? I just don't know.

So, I try to reel it in. I'm eating over planned caloric intake by a couple hundred (eating around 1650 versus 1450), but I could be eating about 2000 to feel full. That's it. I just want to feel full and I don't feel full on 1450. Veggies keep me full for awhile, but then once those are processed through, I feel just as hungry as before.

And the weight keeps creeping up. It was 169 for a day, then 170 for two days and now it's 170.8. Ovulation is supposedly approaching soon, but the only clue I have is the calendar on the wall and my body holding a bit of water. Much harder to tell about ovulation at 42 than at 22.

OK, I must, must, must mow today as it will rain tomorrow. My plans to mow yesterday were foiled as we were without electricity for 7 hours. Kind of hard to run an electric mower without electricity.

Might try to take a nap this morning. Kid's spring break starts at noon and I'm exhausted.

Stats for 3/30/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 170.8

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  1. Whenever I get hit with hunger that's beyond the norm, even for my hormones, I do what you're planning and eat to satiety with whole foods, including getting plenty of fat and protein. That is my body's sign I've depleted my stores a bit too much and a small refeed is in order before I commence more weight loss. Not everyone's bodies have the same cues, but after a few months of weight loss I almost always have to take a week or two maintenance break in order to overcome that hunger. It's a nice mental break, as well!