Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I felt so strong yesterday!

So, to take out my frustration with the scale, I decided to really work it at the gym. I vowed to do two classes and that I did!

First I went to BodyPump at noon. I've taken that particular class a few times way back in July. The instructor is excellent and she was my first instructor. I remember setting up in the back of the room - scared out of mind. I also felt so weak as I looked around the room at what other people could lift.

There was one lady in particular who caught my eye. She was a regular and set up in the same spot every week and she lifted heavy - the heaviest in the class. I was in awe of what she could lift. While I had 4 kgs on my bar for chest presses she had 10 kgs. While she squatted 20 kgs, I squatted 5 kgs. Stuff like that.

Well, I haven't seen this lady in my classes as I switched what days and times I take this class. However, she still takes the same class at the same time.  Once again I was in the back of the class and she is in front of me and this time I see a big change. She still can lift more than me on some things, but on others we lift the same and on one I even lift heavier than her and when she does lift heavier - I'm really close behind. And we (she) has the heaviest weights on the bar in the class.

It made me realize how far I have come - even with taking some time off in the summer for vacation and a month off around Christmas, I have increased my strength by a lot. I now squat 20 kgs on the bar (and can probably go up some). I now chest press 10 kgs on the bar and so on. Those are multiple reps at lower weights, but even so, I've more than doubled or tripled the amount I can lift and I know I'll keep increasing those numbers too.

Then in the early evening I took a BodyStep class. Again, I never take this particular class, but I know the instructor and most of these people take this class at other times of the week too, but... this time, for the first time, I was the strongest in the class. That right there was unbelievable as there are some pretty buff gas who take bodystep. They just weren't in this class last night. I got lower when we were to go low. I brought my knees up higher, jumped higher and moved stronger than anyone in class - and on two risers. And this was my second workout for the day.

Now, no, I'm not looking around at everyone - swiveling my head from side to side, but there are mirrors across the entire front of the room. There is no escaping seeing yourself and everyone else and if you are moving bigger and stronger, you will see it easily.

Basically, it just felt great yesterday. It made me realize that while I can get frustrated with the scale, I am doing something here. And I'm doing something big and more important than what the scale says for day to day blips. I'm getting fitter and stronger all the time. 15 months ago I huffed and puffed walking across a flat parking lot! And the fitness is what it's all about anyway.

So, I forgive the scale for yesterday. As an apology it dropped today. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the exercise and everything to do with my body giving up water weight from something, but whatever. I'm moving in the right direction and getting more fit. That's what counts.

Stats for 3/27/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.0
Total hours exercise in 2012: 60.5/250

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