Thursday, March 29, 2012

You have to be truly thin to look thin as a woman.

I was trying on some things today as there was a big sale at Macy's on bras and one thing I noticed and realized is still how much fat is over my body and probably always will be. I'm not on a mission to be skinny, but I realize that for women to look thin is really, really difficult.

My husband right now is thin. His body fat percentage is like 13-14 percent. That puts him in the athlete/fit boderline range. He is swimming regularly and lifting weights. He looks great and he looks very trim, but not too skinny. He lost 20 pounds this past year and was always within the healthy BMI range for his height - before and after losing weight.

I'm around 27% body fat percentage which is considered "average". I would love it get it around 24% to be in the fitness category.

But when I go in to try on sports bras, the fat moves around on my back. Making it all too apparent how much I still have. You have to be a truly thin person to not have that fat roll as a woman.

I was even noticing in my step class last night that nearly every woman in that class has a paunchy stomach and I'm talking even the super fit ones (and last's night class had some super fit women). None of them are thin, yet many of them are very fit.  Of all the women in the gym that are not teenagers, I think I typically see one or two women who are truly thin and fit. The rest are like me - have a little extra.

And I wonder, did women look like that 25 years ago? 40 years ago when they were fit? Or are our fit people today even fatter than ever? Runners that pass me by aren't all skinny either. Yes of course there are super thin ones, but not that many that I see.

Anyway, it was discouraging while trying on clothes today. TV and movies make it seem like everyone is the ideal size and shape - oh how untrue that is.

Stats for 3/29/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 170.0
Total hours exercised in 2012: 62/250

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