Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back down to my all time low!

I hate my ipad! It just erased my post when I tried to edit it! Grrr! So please bear with me on this post. It won't have paragraph breaks until I can fix it on the regular computer. OK, all fixed!

Anyway, I saw my all time low (again) on the scale this morning. I could have kissed the scale! Even all the gunk in my head from the cold I have couldn't dampen my spirits. I'm finally back down to where I was on December 15th. Woohoo!

Today is a super, duper busy day and if don't write now, I won't be able to get to it again. So far today I've waited in line for an hour to sign my youngest son up for swimming lessons, had breakfast, bought movie tickets, gone grocery shopping and now I will do some dishes, go to BodyPump, go to the movie, make some bread, prepare for class tomorrow, prepare for an auction, and go to a party.

With the possibility of being at a new low tomorrow, I will not even be tempted to nibble on things at this party tonight. Today this quote applies to my thoughts so well. I have no idea who said it, but it is how I feel today, "No food tastes as good as thin feels." Right now my favorite dessert could be on the table tonight and I wouldn't be tempted by it. I'll stick to my beans that I'm bringing and some veggies if there are some and hope for good news on the scale the next day.

 Stats for 3/10/12:
Highest weight: 275. Now: 171.2 (woohoo!)
Total hours of exercise in 2012: 49/250

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