Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well, it didn't stick, but I'm not upset

I kind of knew that yesterday was too good to be true - a full pound in one day? So, seeing it go up a bit today was expected. I'm happy it only went up .2 to land at 170.0 on the nose. How can I be upset by that? It's by far better than where I was. And like this entire journey, it's zig zags up and down, but thankfully, more down than up.

Today I had to pull out the summer clothes. I do have a 'few' things and then I landed those items at Goodwill yesterday. Pulled out a "too small yet" skirt I picked up in late September. It fits now, but is a tad loose. Who could have known 12s would end up loose on me? So weird for me to think of that yet?

And the last few days I've been scouring the internet for ideas for swimwear. I think it's almost harder now than when I was fatter. Now I have higher expectations!

BodyPump and BodyStep tonight. Hopefully the gunk has mostly cleared up so that it's not torturous.

Stats for 3/14/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 170.0

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