Saturday, March 17, 2012

How different it feels to feel strong

Even while fighting a lingering cold, I feel strong. I can go morning to night. I can even be sleep deprived, but I can keep going. It feels so good to feel like a whole, complete, healthy person.

Of course, I can't know how much of it is losing the weight, getting more fit and fixing my thyroid. I'm sure it's a combination of all three - but I feel good, really good - even when I'm slightly under the weather and coughing up junk from my lungs.

Today I did bodypump after not doing anything except light walking this past week while I dealt with this energy zapping cold. I was able to up my weights again for a few sections and keep the rest where they were.

I've been going to this class (with a couple mini breaks for vacations and the holidays) for about 9 months. Altogether I've gone about 7 months. There have been many of the same people in this class the entire time and who knows how much longer they were coming before that.

When I started, I had about 50 more pounds on me. I couldn't do lunges barely at all. I could do like half the ab track, and could only do hovers on my knees. For chest exercises I could do 4 kgs, etc. Now, I can do all the lunges - with the weights. I can do the entire ab track with all the hovers and my chest press weight is now 10 kgs (lower weight, higher number of reps).

When I started I had some of the lightest weights on the bar for almost everything. Now, I have the heaviest on the bar for some of it - including the instructors and I'm getting close with my weak spots (triceps and shoulders). I do this exercise without fail twice a week (minus the two mini breaks) and most other people are just as consistent, maybe even more so - but maybe they aren't doing it the recommended it twice a week - I can't know. Yet, their weights on the bar seem static. They aren't increasing their weights or doing so very, very slowly and I realize - in this class and a few others that many people put in the motions of going to the gym, but they don't push themselves. They are either happy with what they look like, don't know how to push themselves or don't have the desire to push themselves. Maybe it's the competitive side of me, but if I feel my fitness ability is at a standstill, then I get frustrated. I need to feel like I'm always improving. Of course, that will stop at some point, but I'll figure that out when I get there. For now, I still have lots of room to improve. It takes a long time to go from zero fitness level to a high fitness level. It's not an overnight process - for sure!

Anyway... I'm feeling really, really good. The day is gorgeous, so I'll be taking a nice long walk today with the family. I can hardly wait!!!

Stats for 3/17/12: (oh, St. Patrick's Day - I even wore a green fitness shirt to class!)
Highest weight: 275  Now: 168.6
Total hours worked out in 2012: 52/250

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