Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can you hear me squealing?

It's probably a one day blip, but I don't care. I saw it on the scale! I even stepped on the scale three times to make sure it wasn't a mistake and nope! I weigh under 170! Scale settled on 169.8 this morning (first reading said 169.6, the other two said 169.8).

Even seeing that glimmer made me feel so good. It's only one pound less than yesterday, but it feels like ten pounds because it got rid of that big ol' 7 that has been hanging around forever and ever and ever. Yay!!!!!

I won't hold my breath that it will be there again tomorrow, but it's there today and I'm going to revel in that. And I won't get upset if it goes up tomorrow. I know it's a sign of things yet to come. For now, right now, I can say I have 9.8 pounds until goal. And I already know I won't be lowering that goal any lower than that. Doesn't mean I won't go lower, but I don't see any need for it. Once I get there, I'll just work on eating right and working on my fitness.

Speaking of fitness, I walked yesterday and worked a bit in the yard. I went around the lake once (about 20 minutes) and piddled at picking up some sticks and hauling stuff around the yard for about 20 minutes, so I counted it as 30 minutes of exercise yesterday. My gizmo gave me 36 minutes, so I'll take it.

Today I'll do the same. I'm hacking up some stuff from my lungs, so I'm not wanting to push too hard, but walking moderately fast and putzing outside when it's gorgeous feels good, so I'll go with it.

Oh, and yesterday I did a run to Goodwill. I have nothing in summer and spring clothes. Last year I wore a 16 at this time. I'm now a 10. Last summer I was wearing first a 16 and then a 14.  So, yesterday I landed 1 pair of summer weight pants and four pairs of casual shorts yesterday for $30. Not too bad. All were a size 10. I tried a couple 8s and a few 12 and those were either too tight or too loose - or on the looser side and with more weight loss to come, I didn't want to risk it.  So at least I don't need to wear winter pants on these next few days it's going to be in the 70s! Now to find a few t-shirts - probably at Target or something.

I've done really well with clothes and sales, but it will be nice to finally settle in a size so that I can get what I really want instead of "what works".

Stats for 3/13/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.8 (wahoo!)
Total hours exercised in 2012: 51/250

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