Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yesterday was an odd day

My day started with me starving as I had to wait to eat until after an ultrasound. It ended up being 23.5 hours without eating and amazingly, I wasn't starving. I ate well and ate quite a bit, but I didn't gorge myself. I guess that's what not eating a high carb diet is getting me - less binge tendencies.

So, first I started the day here - wrote my blog, looked up stats on my gizmo, read emails and just vegged. Then I did a little window shopping to pass the time so I wouldn't think about food and then I volunteered at my son's school like I always do.

Then finally, where the course of the day changed. First, the radiology appointment. First she took exterior ultrasounds of my pelvic region. Then internally doing transvaginal ultrasound. Then she switched to doing my abdomen - my liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys. Everything was getting looked at. What could I see? Lots of blobs on the screen in black, grey and white. I then went to the next room to have the mammogram. That was a snap. I chuckled at her having to switch to the large plate for my big tatas, but it wasn't uncomfortable or the least bit painful. All in all it was an OK experience.

Well, this radiology office is right next to a major grocery store and I desperately needed to buy groceries. But I was also without food for over 22 hours. Should I go? Well, I needed to. I had a full day and wouldn't have time later and would then have nothing for dinner for the family if I didn't go grocery shopping. So I went. Even without food for close to 23 hours by the time I left, I didn't cave to anything in the store and you know how they line the aisles with things like cupcakes and cookies and chips.

On the way home I stopped by McDonald's and got a big burger - took it off the bun and ate it. Ah, better. I went directly to pick up my younger son from school and then home to unload the groceries.

Well, when I got home I unloaded the groceries, went to the bathroom and made myself something more to eat. All the while my younger son wanted to stay outside which he sometimes wants to do. I peeked at him in the back yard but after awhile I realized I couldn't see him. I called for him. I want out back. I went out front. I went back in the house to see if he came in when I didn't see and was going to the bathroom or something. No. He wasn't there. OK... he has never wandered off before. Where did he go? Our house is surrounded by walking paths. Which did he take? Did he take any? Was he in someone's back yard? I started looking around - going this way for a bit then coming back. Going that way for a bit and then coming back. I just couldn't imagine him going that far off.

Of course, I was a bit worried he headed off towards the lake. What kid wouldn't?  I had gone to it twice, but didn't see him on the walking paths that were visible. Finally a professional photographer who parks in front of our house all the time came walking  back to his car. I asked him if he had seen my younger son and he said he had - up by the barn at the playground - a half mile away. He said he had been there quite awhile.

The darn kid had wandered off far (and yes, by then it had been awhile because I was looking for him for well over 20 minutes by this point). So, I walk as fast as I can to that park He's not there. I walk to the boathouse. He's not there. I ask a couple there if they have seen a little boy by himself and no, they hadn't. I keep walking - not even sure I'm going in the right direction and decide to check the dam lookout area. And there he was. Egad. he had wondered off more than a half mile from home and had been 'lost' for about 45 minutes by the time I found him.

I didn't get mad at him and just expressed how scary that was for me and talked about how he needs to talk with me/us when he wants to go somewhere and so on. I think he got it, but oh boy. He really got me scared.

Well, we walked back home and I looked at the clock and we barely had enough time to get ready for the gym at this point. I fed the little mongrel and got ready. Drove off, got there and decided to make the most of the rest of the evening by having a really good workout.

My husband and I do this class together, BodyPump. It's an express class on Wednesdays, so they skip the lunge section and the shoulder section. Knowing it's a bit shorter, I decided to up my weights. I added weighs to the squat track (and noticed I had the most weight on the bar in the class), kept my weights at their new weight from last time for the chest track, increased my weights for the back track (again highest weights in the class) and kept the weights the same for the rest - which were recently increased anyway. It felt so good to see how much stronger I've gotten.

Then my husband leaves (I filled him in on what to do for dinner) and then I continued with the second class - which was express BodyStep. While I was setting up I decided to challenge myself with adding another riser under the step - having two instead of one pod. And, I did it! And still managed to keep all the power/jump parts in. How far I have come. 6 months ago I was clearly the weakest in the class - now I'm one one the strongest. Felt great!

I picked up my son from the kidspace where he was all sweaty from running around and went home. Despite eating late, I had already eaten all my calories for the day, so I just sat in and drank water while the rest of the family ate dinner.  Showered and chilled for the rest of the day.

What a day - vegging at home, window shopping, volunteering at school, having tons of ultrasound pictures taken, grocery shopping, losing my child, working out, and ending with vegging at home. I guess it's no surprised that I burned 2600 calories yesterday and took 14000 steps!

Water weight from ovulation gain is coming off too. Let's see where it keeps taking me!

Stats for 3/8/12:

Highest weight: 275 Now: 173.2
Total hours exercised in 2012: 47/250

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  1. found your blog trough braless in brazil and I must say WOW, you look great! Looking at the sidebar you actually look much younger than on the portrait you took on the beginning.
    I always like to read things by people who are losing weight, because I am trying to gain some and is equally as hard. Last year, don’t know how, I lost 2kg and couldn’t get them back since then, no matter how much or what I eat. I know it seems almost nothing but I’m very petite so being under my healthy weight is something I notice quite well and it’s been over a year now, so I’m starting to wonder if I will ever get it back.
    Hope you can maintain the weight you wish to have. Good luck on your journey.