Sunday, March 25, 2012

My body really doesn't like simple carbs

You would think I would learn my lesson about eating simple carbs - especially in the evening, but no. I'm stupid and can't learn that quickly. Last night I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for a function and for my kids. Of course I sampled some batter. Of course, I couldn't resist a warm cookie and then because it was so good, I ate another big one!

After doing that I wondered, "So, why did I workout so hard today to erase the calorie deficit with eating cookies?" Ugh... why didn't I think of that before eating a cookie? In the end, I consumed about 1950 calories, but should have burned 2450 yesterday (step workouts burn a lot of calories).

Well, I stepped on the scale before going to bed like I always do. I about had a heart attack. It said 174.6! What??? If I followed my typical pattern, that would mean only losing 1.6 to 2.0 pounds overnight. I would be way over 170!

Fortunately, I had to pee before going to bed (as I was reading in bed) and then somehow peed for like forever this morning. Overnight I peed and sweated out 4 pounds of water. But I still gained a pound overnight and all because I ate some cookies.

It happens every. single. time. I eat simple carbs. I gain tons and tons of water weight. Three cookies, while not the smartest food choice, is hardly a binge. It is hardly one pound in weight gain, but my body latches onto that sugar and stores it with water - glycogen.

So, today I was good. Didn't exercise as it's Sunday and it's a hard day to fit it in, but I had clean eating. I do not want to go above 170 again! Darn it!!! I need to steer clear of sugars - they are bad, bad, bad!!!

Stats for 3/24/12:

Highest weight 275 Now: 170.6 Eek!

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