Sunday, March 4, 2012

My husband said I looked fantastic

And two things are amazing about that. First, that I don't know if he has ever said that to me before. He has said a couple times that I am beautiful recently, but to say I look fantastic when asked if I looked OK was amazing. The other amazing thing about that is that it didn't really register right away as something unexpected to hear. It was only hours later that I realized, "Wait a minute. He said you looked fantastic!" I have gotten more used to him giving compliments which is good. The most I would get before when asking if something looked OK was, "The dress is nice." or "You look nice."

The man does not lie on things like that. The downside of that is, of course, that I went for years and years and years without hearing I was beautiful or that I looked fantastic. He couldn't say what he didn't mean. But now that he is saying them, they mean even more because I know he really means it.

And the way he said it. You don't say, "you look fantastic" without an exclamation point in your voice. You say it with feeling. I came out of the bathroom from getting ready to teach Sunday School. He was also getting he and our older son ready to go skiing for the day, so we were both busy and in a hurry. I hadn't worn these pants or shirt before (the pants had been a bit too tight earlier in the winter) and I wasn't sure it was OK. I wasn't sure it didn't make me look too square with my shirt tucked into pants and belted. This is still something new to me - tucked in shirts and belting things. Plus, since last week when my mother in law said I had no waist, I'm more self conscious about my not so tiny waist (though there is a 10" difference between my waist and hips! Just that most of the difference in chest and waist comes mostly from my boobs - not in a curved in rib cage).

Basically, I wasn't searching for compliments. I really wanted to know if I looked OK as I stepped out of the bathroom. I think I caught him a bit off guard as he looked at me and quite quickly said, "You look fantastic!" And I asked, "It doesn't make me look to square from behind?" He said, "No, if anything, you look more defined than in other clothes." Then he asked, "What size are those?" I said, "Size 10."

Funny that he asked that as he has never, ever shown an interest in my clothing size, but as I'm getting trimmer, I think he is more curious and I guess these pants must have made me look more trim than some of my day to day pants.

No photo, sorry folks. As I said, we were in a hurry and it's not like I was searching for compliments, but it sure did feel good. And at my Sunday society meeting I heard someone say, "look at that skinny minny" (Me?) and during greeting time someone came up to me and said, "Good morning gorgeous!" Wow...

I know it's because of the 'change'. I doubt anyone would come up to me and say those things if I were always my current size/weight, but it's the improvement in my appearance - in all regards that is bringing it out. Whatever the reason, it feels good. I feel good and healthy, so it's nice to hear that it shows.

And I love these pants. They are lined suede. I got them on clearance at TJMaxx in December. They look just like these:

Stats for 3/4/12:

Highest Weight: 255.6  Now: 174.8

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