Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sorting through my clothes

I was just going through my spring/summer stash of clothes I've been picking up the last few weeks at Marshall's TJMaxx, Goodwill and the consignment shop and I have quite a stash! I can't wait to start wearing some of these things too! The colors this year seem to be orange and pink - together and kelly green and turquoise blue - together. Of course, I love those colors. Me, the queen of, "I hate pink" happen to love teh fuschia and orange combo. Not pink on it's own, but with orange? Love it!

I was also just trying on my swimsuit and seeing if any of these consignment find jersey dresses will work as a swimsuit cover up and yes, I have one that will. But I tried it over the suit I just picked up at Marshalls (still has tags on it) and I realized that the suit is too big! The bottoms are a ten, but they are loose and once they get wet and I jump in or something? They will fall off! I didn't pay attention to how loose/tight they were while trying them on, but now I realize that I need to return it. Unbelievable to need a smaller size. It really is hard for me to realize that.

And this year, for the first time in years and years, it's fun to think about dressing for summer! I look pretty good and there are so many cute things available - even at discount stores and consignment shops.  Last year I bought a few things (mostly fitness clothes) that I could wear around the house and for working out. The year before that I got by with almost nothing as we were broke from all the remodeling and I didn't want to buy such big things. The year before that we were getting ready to move, so everything I had was already old and I just used them for painting and cleaning. The year before that I made do with all the mommy clothes I had. I think the last time I bought new nice spring and summer clothes was about a decade ago and even then, only decent ones for work and I just made do with crap from Wal-mart for at home.

I am looking at the assortment of big prints and bright colors on the bed and it makes me happy. I love these retro styles (60s/70s) and I can't wait to wear them!

I am still toying with the idea of getting a two piece swimsuit for this summer. Of course, I would have to suck it in constantly - and sit up straight, but I so want to be able to wear a 2 piece for one last hurrah! Heck, one first hurrah! I've never worn a 2 piece in public as an adult. The string bikini my grandmother got me (when I didn't want it) was only seen in my backyard and I didn't let anyone see me go out there to tan. (Does anyone sunbathe any more?) Back when I really had the body to pull it off, I was too modest to show it. Now that I'm all beat up with life scars, I want to show it!

Anyway, I'm excited to be so close to goal for the spring and summer. It sure does feel great!

Stats for 3/28/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 170.0

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