Thursday, March 22, 2012

About these classes I take and this bladder issue

Yesterday was my bodystep day (and bodypump day). It felt much better today than last week when I was still battling a cold. Last week I couldn't manage to sit through the step class as I was wiped out after strength training. This week, all is good.  Yay!

Well, these classes have track/workout releases. I forget what number we are on, but I think it's 74 for bodystep and 80 or something for bodypump. I don't know. Anyway, when they release a new workout the instructors have to get trained on it and then they have to stick to it for 4-6 weeks. I forget and really, it doesn't matter much to me. After that month, they are free to start changing things up - keeping like for like. So, they can switch out the warm-up with a different warm-up and so on. Most of the time they switch up 1-2 songs a week and by the time the new release comes out (every 3 months or so), they have switched out all the old songs for other old releases from release 70, 68, 72, 69 and so on.

For bodypump this can be an issue in figuring out what weight to put on the bar. Like, some chest tracks are tougher than others, so should I go up a bit or down a bit or stay the same? Sometimes the instructors will say, "this one is a bit easier than the current release, so load up a bit". Or, they might say, "this one is a really tough one, so back off the weights a bit." For bodstep, however, switching of tracks isn't an issue level of difficulty as they are all about the same - a cardio peak track is a cardio peak track. Really what might mess you up is choreography, but after you've been there awhile, you realize all the movements are similar, so you can usually do it without missing a beat unless the teacher miscues.

So, changing up in bodystep isn't a big deal, however, it does give me some insight on how my body is changing. I've been doing bodystep now for 10 months (well, minus a month in December - so 9 months). I've now done 3-4 releases and parts of others the instructors brought back. When we go back to an old release track I can remember what I was able to do before and what I can do now. Like last night, we did a few songs from the release that was out in November. Back then I still wasn't doing any of the jumping or impact stuff - none of it. Now I can do all of it. I still modified the jumping jacks as that is a sure activity to make me leak, but I decided to try the jumping back and forth instead of modifying it to an easy walk step. I had kept it at easy walk as when I tried to jump, I had leaked. No leaking last night. Hmm.... Then I realized in another section we do some jump squats and I used to leak doing those too and I no longer do. Maybe my observations of this leaking problem not getting better isn't quite true. Maybe it is getting better - little by little. Makes me really want to wait on the surgery now. Maybe I can avoid it all together? Hard to imagine with the type of leaking I was experiencing, but never say never I guess. Time will tell! So, I will keep doing my kegels and other strengthening activities and hope for the best.

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day and I will use it to my advantage!

Stats for 3/21/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.2
Total hours exercised in 2012: 56.5/250

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