Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did you think I forgot about you all?

Somewhat unexpectedly, the past few days were very busy and on top of that, I lost access to this computer and I basically refuse to post on Blogger from my iPad since it won't allow photos and messes up all the formatting.

But here we are in April. April already? And the beginning of April is supposed to be when I do my measurements. Well, I did my measurements and nothing has changed from last month. Not a thing, so now I'm worried that I'll see no weight loss for this month either. I usually see the inches lost first and then the pounds on the scale.

Ovulation was yesterday, so I have a few more days to wait and see what (if any) weight loss I'll see for this month. Scale is up sky high though. Part of it is ovulation weight gain and part of it is eating too many carbs. I had cake the last two days and that adds water weight like no one's business (remember my massive holiday weight gain?). So... I will have to wait and see. Cake is gone and eating wasn't out of control, just out of balance between carbs, fat and protein. A bit high on Saturday and Sunday, but nothing extreme.

It's also about time for gardening to take over of much of my formal exercise. I have so much work to do in the yard. I spent 90 minutes yesterday mowing and picking up sticks. But the flower beds are a mess and need major attention and then I have to revamp the existing huge flower bed and build a new one at the side of the house (where now it's just a mess of nongrowing grass).

But, I'm back and hopefully won't have a three day stint away again! So unusual for me!

Stats for 4/3/12:

Highest weight: 175  Now: 174
Total hours exercised in 2012: 64.5/250

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