Saturday, April 14, 2012

Strength training induced migraines

So, what I thought was just a strained muscle turns out to be most likely, muscle spasms creating migraine headaches.

Yesterday three times and the day before yesterday once or twice I had migraine auras. I've never had them before and they freaked me out. Good thing I have a doctor's appointment next week so I can talk with my doctor about it.

People who get migraines can have tons of triggers - muscle spasms in the shoulders/neck is one common trigger. It's the second time it's happened for me. So, I need to figure out how to not let happen again! I don't want to give up weight training as it's good for my body, but I can't risk getting migraines all the time either. They really suck.

Today was supposed to be a weight training day, but I woke up with a really stiff neck and headache and a funny feeling eye (migraine symptom for me), so I dropped out of the class for today. In its place I will do C25k and a bike ride - things easier on the neck muscles so they can get better. Seems ibuprofen works on relaxing that muscle in the shoulder/neck and then I feel better.

Seems it's something I do during crunches that strain my neck. I do everything they way they tell you - like don't grab the neck and to keep hands by the temples, but I can feel it sometimes getting tight and pulling. I think I'll need to find a way to modify them or just do planks instead because no way can I give up ab work completely as my tummy is my weak spot and a strong core is essential to a strong everything else.

It's going to be a gorgeous day. I have a TON to do as I have an auction to finish getting ready, baking for the auction to get ready for Sunday, a Sunday school class to get ready and a graduation meeting to get ready all for tomorrow. Since I had a bad headache the last couple days, I didn't get as much done in advance as I would have hoped. Today I need to be Wonder Woman despite feeling kind of lousy with this neck strain and migraine masked by meds, but still making me feel bad.

Scale is up. Lucky me.

Stats for 4/14/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.4

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