Thursday, April 26, 2012

A bit bummed about starting over, but maybe there's an advantage?

I started walking and riding the bike yesterday and will do step tonight at home and then tomorrow will do step at the gym. I'm bummed though because my shoulder is still not quite right. My husband, who also had a shoulder injury, has been able to go to bodypump twice now. I've been out of that class for over two weeks and it's like I can feel the strength slipping away from me. On top of that, when I don't work out hard, my natural appetite suppressant is gone, so that means on top of not burning extra calories in a day, I'm hungrier and want to eat more in a day AND because I'm not exercising much/hard, I'm losing muscle mass. Every day that goes by, I freak out a little bit more inside. I've worked so hard to get to where I am with fitness and I've been laid up for what seems like forever.

I can finally do cardio (as long as I don't use my shoulder) as the headaches are finally, finally gone. Yesterday I walked three miles and rode my bike for 30 minutes and I feel good, but I haven't given anything a real test yet. I planned on doing step last night, but my older son had a band concert, so I had to go to that instead of the class. Just lots of fast walking yesterday.

But, while I'm bummed I'll probably have to drop my weights quite a bit in bodypump and can't move on with C25K, I got to thinking that maybe this temporary set back is also a way and time to get my older son to work out with me.

My older son is very thin, but he does nothing for physical activity. He has said a couple times that he would like to run, but he doesn't know how to pace himself and find ways to do it in a smart way. Maybe, if we do it together, we can do C25K together. That's if a nearly 16 year old can stomach running with his mom. He tried to do some running with his dad last spring, but he would quit and then my husband quit running too. They were running too much too fast. The C25K forces you to ease into running and teaches you to pace yourself a bit. Maybe... maybe. I can see. Him just sitting in the house day in and day out just can't continue. Being skinny does not mean being healthy.

So, step tonight in the basement. I'm going to do the reebok step as it's my favorite and I know it well enough to gauge where I'm at.

Stats for 4/26/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 171.8
Total hours exercised in 2012: 77/250 (should be around 84 hours by the end of this month which means I'm behind because of the injury! Wah!!!!)


  1. Good luck! I hope he agrees to do it with you. That'd be a great bonding experience.

  2. Take the boy to a doctor and have labs done too. Track his intake w/out getting on his case about food.