Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making today a rest day to get over this headache and blood work

So my plan of doing exercise, but not strength training isn't working out well. I'm still getting these headaches and it bites. I have really strong motivation right now and I want to MOVE. And my body wants to move. I'm itching to move, but... it's not allowing these neck muscles to heal and that's giving me daily headaches.

Today I took it easy. I did some laundry. I ran some errands I needed the car for. I got my blood work done, and now I'll just be lazy.

I can feel it in my neck - it's stiff and not right. Today is day 5 and it's getting really, really old.

I hate being sidelined for an injury because it takes so long to build up stamina and strength and it goes away so fast!

To switch gears, I went to get blood work done today as I mentioned. For the first time in my life, I wasn't too nervous about it. It was unpleasant to fast this morning, but that's about it. I've been lucky the last few times with blood draws, so I was counting on it going well again today.

I got a bit nervous when I saw SIX vials to be filled. In days of yore that would have meant several failed attempts to get a vein and then when they found one, it would collapse on them and they would have to find another one for other vials. So far,  of the successful visits I only had to have one vial filled and it was without fasting.

But, she found the vein immediately, filled the 6 vials easily and off I went - one poke, no digging, all 6 vials and no pain as she got it immediately. It's a little tender now, but nothing major. That is a first in my life time to have it go that easily. And that right there is enough for me to keep at exercise. I never want to be tortured at the phlebotomist again!  Now to see how the blood work came out. I was being tested for everything - Vitamin D deficiency, thyroid, cholesterol, blood sugar, regular blood work up and urinalysis. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I was about to close, I'm realizing now that I'm smaller, I can see the bloat so much more on my body. My abdomen is bloated. My ankles and feet are thick. It's only a couple pounds, but I can SEE it without even needing the evidence of the scale! Scale just confirmed it!

Stats for 4/17/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 171.6

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