Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm back at it (at least somewhat!)

Last night I intended to step, but I was exhausted and didn't have it in me to do step. But, I was signed up to do step today, so off I went.

I was a little nervous. I haven't done step in 2 weeks and it was a new release which everyone said was harder. Eek! Well, I have been walking throughout my 'lay up' and just hoped it would be OK. I was a bit optimistic and decided to keep both risers on under the step (something I had only done in the last month or so before the injury) and to do all the power/jumping which I had only started fairly recently too. And... it was no problem. At all. It was like I didn't even take two weeks off. If anything, I think this step routine is easier than what was previously. It's definitely easier on my bladder and that gives me more confidence to jump. It felt simply great. The half burpees and the full length pushups too.

I am now signed up to do bodypump tomorrow - the first time in two weeks and that one I'm a bit more worried about. I've done zero for strength training in that time and my husband tells me that it is tough. With weights it's much more difficult to figure out what weight to put on the bar and changing them mid-track takes so much time. I guess we'll just see and hope. I'll go a little lighter tomorrow and hope that it will feel just right and if I'm super lucky, I won't feel like I needed to drop the weights at all (not likely).

Ok, it's a quick one today as now I'm going to bike ride to the grocery store. We are out of all the staples - no milk, no veggies, no fruit. We are hurting in the fresh foods quite severely. I won't be able to get all we need, but well, I can just go tomorrow too. Another benefit of riding the bike - more trips.

I'm thinking of "maybe" riding the tandem solo to the gym tomorrow. That gym is right next to the grocery store. If I can ride that bike by myself, then my son and I might be able to handle it together. It's all uphill there and well, hard work on a regular bike. I don't want to have to walk the entire way there while pushing a bike with my son. My husband can drive there with my son and then my son and I can ride home together. That I know we can do as I coast almost the entire 2 plus miles home! If we can handle it together, then my summer grocery shopping trips can include the 7 year old (pulling the cart behind that bike instead of the single). Otherwise I'll need to leave him at home with my older son or mother in law. He could use the exercise too and he loves riding that bike. So... tomorrow I'll test it out solo first. Giving myself tons of time to spare so that I won't be late for class if I end up having to walk a lot of it!

Stats for 4/27/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.8
Total hours worked out in 2012: 78/250


  1. Great job pushing yourself to go to your workouts! Good luck with body pump.

    I live within walking distance of my grocery store so I try to walk whenever I can to pick up things. It's so nice that you can bike in your surrounding area. I love that :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Safire. I rode there and when I was checking out I realized I would barely make it home in time to pick up my son from school. I flew home (so thankful it was mostly downhill). Parked the bike with trailer in the garaged, rolled out the Tandem Buddy bike and got to his school as fast as I could. Pulled up just as the announcements over the loudspeaker said, "Walkers are now dismissed". Phew! And, as always, he was so happy to see the bike there. Added an extra 30 minutes of exercise today that way.