Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Starting c25k from the beginning

I decided I would start Couch to 5 kilometers from the beginning for several reasons. One, to prevent injury. Two, to find my pacing. And three, to get a faster pace so that when I actually do get to the timed parts, it will more closely resemble 10 minute miles. Though I still think that will take awhile to get there.

So, today was Week 1 Day 1. I got the iPhone app, C25K Free that you can select whatever week you want and it will give you alerts to run or walk. That was great. for Week 1 Day 1 it's a five minute warm-up of walking, then jogging 60 seconds, walking 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes. Then, a 5 minute cool-down.

Simultaneously, I used the MapMyFITNESS app that used GPS to track (and time) my distance. I went 2.21 miles in 30 minutes. My minutes per mile were 13:53 counting my warm-up and cool-down.

It was pretty cool actually. I was wearing my iphone in an spibelt around my waist and it would chime and talk to me to start warm-up, to jog, walk, jog, etc. Then the GPS app would chime in and tell me I had gone 1 mile, two miles and told me my minutes per mile at those breaks.

I also could have been wearing my heart rate monitor, but I decided not to this time, but I will next time and, of course, I was wearing my bodymedia fit band which recorded my steps, moderate activity and vigorous activity.

All these gizmos running - two phone apps, a arm pedometer thingee and could have been a heart rate monitor too.

It's a start. Tomorrow I'll do the express bodystep and express bodypump and then try running again on Thursday (weather permitting).

Scale is continuing it's downward trend too.

Stats for 4/10/12:

Highest weight: 275  now: 169.8
Total hours worked out in 2012: 70.75/250.... today is the 100 day of the year too!

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