Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow starts a new week and a new month

And I'm back from vacation and everyone is healthy. What excuse do I have to not make this a great month? I am actually looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow and was a bit sad I can't squeeze it in tomorrow morning. My son has an appointment at 11 am which makes a 9:30 to 10:30 class pretty much impossible. Plus, I don't like that class for Zumba anyway as the studio is in the basement and is long and narrow, making it hard to see the instructor, but I wanted to go anyway! I'll have to do a class in the evening.

Which, of course means, I did not get derailed from vacation and family sickness. And I hope that also means that this is truly becoming a lifestyle change and not just a 'diet'. And while vacation was fun. I'm also ready to be back home doing my normal stuff, eating my normal foods and doing my normal activities.

And, as an update from yesterday, I realized I had stepped on the scale and read it wrong. I thought it read 190. No, it read 195. Kind of bummed me out this morning when I realized it as that means I didn't lose hardly anything this month, but then I cut myself a bit of slack. I had kids sick or half sick for 3 weeks and we vacationed for a week and I still managed to squeak out a small loss and I can just keep building on that next month. It's not like I fell off the wagon. I still lost. Some months will just be like that.

When I got home this evening, I stepped on the scale, fully clothed with sandals on and I weighed a pound more than I did in the morning, naked on the day we left for vacation, so it probably will mean I still managed a loss for the month (and for my whoosh 10 days), but a much smaller one due to less exercise and more food this past 2 weeks. But that is still good!

Getting really tired. Driving for 6 hours wears you out. Funny how sitting still for that long can do that to you!

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