Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another one of those 'eh' days.

So, my day starts out early yesterday because both my kids were up early - and yep, my teen is still sick. We stayed upstairs until my mother in law and her guest were up and about downstairs which wasn't too hard to do as our family room is a nice place and there was food and drink for the kids up there too (we have a small fridge in the room).

Then I started to get ready to go to the BodyPump class I had signed up for. Well, first my little guy was dawdling. He was in the middle of his own made up game and didn't want to be interrupted. So, I waited. Then we went down, had breakfast, got my sick son to eat and drink and then got ready to go. But then I got waylaid by my mother in law's guest. Ugh, that guy can talk and talk and doesn't understand the social cues to stop talking and I'm not assertive enough with guests/friends to say, "I have to go now!"

I finally get out of the house and felt timing would be close, but I should make it. Wouldn't you know it, I hit every single red light on the way there. I get there and go to check in and I'm one minute late - my spot has been taken. For this class (and only this class) you need to check in no later than 10 minutes before the class starts. I checked in 9 minutes before it started. Ugh!!! The only good thing about it is that my son who loves that gym the most was OK with not going. Phew. So, instead we went to the grocery store which was what we were going to do after the gym anyway. I got everything we needed, or so I thought, and we went home. While I was putting everything away I realized I forgot the most important thing on the 'need to buy list'. I forgot peanut butter! Crap... we were completely out and my son eats it every day. So, after lunch for all of us, I set out for a second trip to the grocery store.

To make it worth my trip, I didn't go for just the peanut butter. I also got the things we will need for our upcoming trip. Stuff for snacks, sandwiches and for the gifts we will bring. The family we are staying with always gives us something when we visit or they visit us. So, we need to do the same. Since baking/cooking is what I'm good at, I decided to bake and they love the stuff I make. That I'll do on Thursday.

OK, so home again. Checking on the kids and planning supper. Rain was creeping in so the plan of grilling went out the window, so I made pasta for the rest of the crew and just ate the meat and some veggies for myself. Now, the plan I had made for myself when I missed that weight lifting class was to go to a class in the evening - a cardio one, but a class at 6:30 pm is a hard fit. Especially with a sick kid, guests, husband not home and so on. I just couldn't swing it and I really didn't want to do cardio. Finally I remembered, "Duh, Melissa. You have videos for strength you can do in the basement." So, that was the new plan.

Putzed around with the kids in the evening. My older son was feeling worse, so when my mother in law got home she checked his throat - puss. Nice. So much for making him gargle with salt water to keep infections at bay. But, since my mother in law is a doctor, it saved us a trip to the doctor and pharmacy. She always has adult strength antibiotics at home and now that our son is an adult in size, it helps a lot.

Finally I got down to the basement and did the weight workout and it was tough! Well, like all weight classes, you can make it tougher by increasing your weights and I have gotten considerably stronger since I last did that video. That was nice to feel and see. I used to use 2 and 5 pound hand weights. Last night I was using 8s and 10s and for a few, 5s. I didn't need the chair to assist in balance and I was able to do all 50 of the girly push-ups for the first time and all the triceps dips. Of course, my arms felt like rubber after that, but they should.

At least I slept well last night. up a bit early, but slept well. I have a BodyStep class today, so I'm hoping nothing will derail me today. My older son is on an antibiotic now so he should start feeling better and otherwise I just need to start preparing for our trip. Starting with catching up on laundry. We really try (on these super hot days) to not do things in the heat of the day, so I'll start laundry this morning and continue in the evening when it's a bit cooler. Though it's all relative these days. It's miserably hot and getting more so! Yuck!

And, pretty sure that ovulation was yesterday. Yay!!! Now it means 3-4 more days of holding water and then the whoosh should start! Yippee!!!

Stats for 7/20/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 198.8
Workout hours in 2011: 220
Total miles walked/biked in 2011: 606/1000

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