Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life maybe returning back to normal for real?

I jinxed myself a week and a half ago with saying life was returning back to normal after having a sick kid for 5 days. I had a few days reprieve and then another sick kid for a full week! It threw us off even more and this time it affected my workout schedule. I went from 6 hours working out in a week to two. But, this morning my son's coloring was better. I felt his head and it felt normal. To be sure, I had him take his temperature under the arm like I have the past several days. The other days under the arm it was 101.5 (equivalent to 102.5 if taken in the mouth). This morning it was 97.1. Yay!!!

We had breakfast and then I went to BodyPump. I was kind of tired this morning, but it felt really great to work out and I hadn't gotten weaker. If anything, the arm work actually felt a tad easier. The other workout I had done was a weights workout, so that probably helped. Tomorrow morning I'll do Zumba to get things back on track.

Our vacation was put on hold and had the possibility of being completely canceled, but with my son feeling better today, and us not needing to travel until Monday, it's looking more promising. We'll just flip-flop what order we do things. And, if I'm lucky, we'll make a trip up to Norwich, VT to King Arthur Flour. Only I would want to go to the bakery flour central! Me loves to bake bread!

Feel my mood lifting now that I know my son is feeling better and our lives are on the verge to returning to normal.

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 196.2 (New all time low and this close to losing 60 pounds!)
Exercise total hours in 2011: 221
Total miles walked in 2011: 610/1000

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