Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, mini vacation is put on hold and the irony

My son is still sick. We were supposed to leave for vacation this morning. Instead we aren't going anywhere at least for today and probably for tomorrow. The only possibility is that we could try to make Boston as my husband has to be there for a conference and then go to Connecticut the following weekend. But honestly, none of it is looking like it will happen.

Took my son to the doctor yesterday. He's been on an antibiotic for 3 days (two days yesterday) and the doctor said it could be that the antibiotic still isn't taking effect as sometimes it takes 3 days, but even she was skeptical. Only thing we can't rule out is mono. If it's mono, he might not be ready to go anywhere, depending on how he feels. There's really no question of 'but he might be contagious' because you are contagious with mono for at least 6 months after getting it, perhaps up to 18 months and since you carry the virus always, you could be carrying it and passing it all your life. It only spreads through saliva, so as long as he's not kissing someone on vacation and not sharing utensils and water glasses or containers, he won't pass it to anyone. So, it's really all about how he feels and since mono is a long, slow recovery, vacation might be out completely.

The irony of it all is that I was worried about missing my whoosh and exercise during vacation. I've only exercised ONCE this week! It's the longest I've gone without exercise yet. I think it finally caught up with me  - the interrupted sleep, the whacko scheduling and having a sick kid. I was so sleep deprived yesterday that I wasn't even making much sense and kept forgetting to do things.

I hope things return back to normal. My eating is fine, but exercise finally took a back seat after almost 3 weeks of sick kids. We had a few days reprieve and that's it. I just mentally worn out and need a vacation - Ha! Ha! Ha! So funny! Ugh...

Well, the good news, right on cue, the whoosh has started. Even a day earlier than last month. At least my body is being kind!

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 197.4

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