Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And here's the expected gain!

Right on cue, I'm up a bit to about a pound today and I expect ovulation today or tomorrow. That means I'm just about 3 pounds over my all time low, and compared to last month, I did do better with keeping the water weight to a minimum. My hope was not to go back over 200 pounds again and maybe that will happen if I ovulate today (and not tomorrow some time). That also means that I will need to shed these nearly 3 pounds of water weight before I start really seeing any new loss for this cycle. Of course, there has to be more water weight, it's just the unknown water weight for now. But, I will very likely not know what that is as I will be on vacation during that time! Argh!!!

We made hotel reservations for the first half of our stay last night (the latter half has been made for awhile) and I'm beginning to pencil in other plans. I hope to meet up with some cyber friends when in and around Boston. That would be great! My husband is also planning to meet up with a college friend who lives in Boston, but like last year his wife and kids are already in Croatia (where the parents are from), so it will just be this friend.

I am beginning to become excited about it. We haven't taken any trip at all for a couple years and with my youngest getting older and older our trips can become more filled and active and I remember us loving Boston. We went there a couple months after we were married.

Not much else. My younger son is all well. My older son seems to be on the mends. Going to a body pump class today after missing any form of exercise for 3 days. Eating was on target, but movement was not. But that's life working around being busy and sick kids. At least I want to get back to the gym. And so does my younger son. I even chose the class at his favorite KidSpace gym to make him extra happy. Stopping at the grocery store afterward too.

Stats for 7/19/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 198.8

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