Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I think someone said it out loud and weight training.

Yep, someone wasn't quiet about it, so now the weight that was going down, went up today. Oh well, just got to keep plugging along.

My son is feeling much better and I got a full night of sleep last night with no interruptions, so it should be a better day. I have BodyStep lined up for this morning and then I need to do some serious cleaning up downstairs (we have basically lived upstairs for the last 6 days) and then I must go grocery shopping. I have exhausted all dinner options for home. For the step class I will keep the little guy at home still, but will see if he's up for going to the grocery store with me later. He usually loves that.

I did the BodyPump weight lifting class yesterday and I'm noticing some interesting patterns. During the class we work one muscle group at a time, the quads, the chest, the shoulders, the biceps, the triceps, the abs. And for each of those groupings, the instructor will say, "Use your warm up weight, or double or triple your warm up weight" and so on. Well, after a few classes you learn what's good for you. What you want is to be able to keep good form always, but to also be able to do all the reps, but just barely.

Since there are so many reps, the weights are on the light side. For warm up, I start out with 4 kgs, plus the bar's weight. So roughly 9 pounds. For when we do squats, I use 9 kg or roughly 20 pounds. Then we go down to the bench and do presses over our chest. She says drop it a little from the squats weight, but I have to drop it all the way down to the warm up weights and I can barely do all the reps, so I go down to 9 pounds again. Then we get up and do more leg work where I increase it again to 20 pounds. Then we do triceps work and when we are on the bench doing triceps work, I stay at 9 pounds when we work both arms at once, but when we get off the bench and do one arm at a time, I use an 8 pound hand weight. I don't understand how I can barely do 9 pounds when working both arms, but can do 8 pounds when working one arm. There must be some other muscle group I'm using while on my back on the bench that makes it harder and needing to keep the weights lower. And, after every class, it's the triceps and chest muscles that are achy which means those are the ones that are getting more fatigued... very interesting.

Then we move to biceps work and you are supposed to keep the same chest weight, but that's too easy for me, so I up it to 20 pounds again (instead of keeping it at 9 pounds that is recommended). Then we do lunges. I am working very hard at keeping good form with lunges, but man is that hard. I skip the barbell for this one as I am still learning to do lunges without pain. I'm getting closer and yesterday I held two 4 pound weights by my side while doing the lunges, but man, are those tough!

So, since weights were yesterday, step class is today. They launched a new workout routine for bodypump and bodystep this week. BodyPump didn't change much, but the instructors say that the step routine has changed a lot. Including using hand weights? We'll see. If it's not cardio enough, I'll be disappointed as finding a good cardio class is difficult. There's spinning, but that fills up even faster than the BodyPump class!

OK, time to get ready to go!

Stats for 7/13/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 197.6 (up .6 from yesterday for 58 pounds lost)
Exercise total hours in 2011: 216
Total miles walked/biked in 2011: 590/1000

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