Thursday, July 21, 2011

Basically ready for our mini vacation

Yesterday I finished up everything I needed to do to get ready for our trip. Now it's just packing and finishing up the laundry (two loads left).

So much goes into planning a trip. You have to think about what you need to bring - the clothes, toiletries, entertainment for the kids, and since we have super picky boy, foods and so on. Then you need to think about your house. If you have a pet, what do to with it. If you have a garden, who to take care of that. And then little things like making sure you use up the milk and other perishable foods in the refrigerator, have things put away, laundry done, garbage out and so on.

Now my mother in law will be here, so she has the cats in mind and we don't need to worry too much about perishable foods, but some - like the HUGE bunches of chard I just bought need to be eaten. Yet, she isn't into yard work, so I had to get someone to water the potted plants. I still don't know what we should do for the garbage and recycling. Maybe I can ask a neighbor to kindly help her roll it out and back in (I know... this is something she SHOULD be able to do, but she doesn't seem to be able to).

And, I thought about what to do to keep up with my efforts with this new lifestyle. Now, if I were already at goal, I would probably relax a bit, but I'm not in the maintenance level of things. I'm in the active level of changing my lifestyle, getting more fit and eating lower calorie. Sure, OK, taking a week to be at maintenance is a choice I could make, but when you are on a roll and feel like you're in a good place, you want to keep plugging along, not put on the brakes and stop. There's always that lingering fear you'll never get geared up again. So, I am making plans on how to handle vacation while keeping on plan.

First, I will keep to my low carb meals, except I will indulge (a little bit) in a dessert if we stop for one). I will pack with us, cheese sticks, protein shakes and protein bars to supplement meals if I need to (like if things are too carb rich - like a sandwich lunch - I would skip the bread and eat some of those other things instead). I also decided to take a couple fitness videos with me. We are taking with us a portable DVD player, so I bought a couple of DVDs I can do in the hotel room or in the fitness center - one is Ripped in 30 and the other is 30 Day Shred. If I feel our daily activities are lacking, I can do one of these and feel I'm doing something proactive while on vacation. I'll try one out tonight to see how I like it.

I figure if I feel good about my choices and activity level, I will feel good about this vacation and when I come back, I shouldn't feel like I'm starting at ground zero again with the fitness classes especially. No one likes feeling all weak during a workout after they were starting to feel strong.

Of course, we're making all these plans to go when our oldest son is still sick. If it follows the same pattern as it did as our younger son, he should be feeling much better today and basically fine on Friday and perfect on Saturday. So far the viruses for both of them have played out exactly the same. It seems the sickness is a viral infection and then the little guy developed a bacterial infection. We're still not convinced the older one has a bacterial infection, but it's being treated for it, just in case (due to the white spots on the tonsils - which could be puss or lymphatic tissue).

Keep your fingers crossed that we actually get to take this vacation!

Stats for 7/21/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 198.8 (third day in a row)

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