Saturday, July 30, 2011

Had a chance to hop on the scale

After a rough day of staying within my calories/ eating style yesterday, I had a chance to hop on the scale this morning. If that is correct, I've lost another 4 pounds while on vacation. Should be more if I were eating lower every day as this is the time of the month I tend to lose like gan busters, but I also haven't eaten above maintenance level and sometimes a bit lower. My husband says that the scale is not biased in my favor, he thinks, because it has him at weighing 176 and that would mean he gained about 5 pounds over vacation. And while he expects he gained a couple, he hopes not by that much. I'll know on Monday morning for sure, but that's feeling pretty good!

Today we are just hanging out with family in Connecticut. They have a backyard pool and so we a just about to jump in. PizZa tonight for supper. I just didn't realize how hard it would be to stay on target with diet while on vacation. Like yesterday, my husband's cousin baked a bunch of Subway cookies. I tried one of raspberry cheesecake cookies and my goodness are those dangerously delicious. I had two... That is 420 calories. That is like my typical lunch...ugh.. But... Tody is good so far. And on Monday we'll be back to normal.

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