Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another week and with 6 hours at the gym

Missed the fourth of July, but on that day I worked hard around the house, so I'm not counting that as a 'rest' day exactly! LOL Tuesday was a rest day. I was just TIRED. But I did two classes on Wednesday, and one each Thursday through Sunday.

My plan for next week is an hour a day. Monday - Zumba, Tuesday - BodyPump, Wednesday - BodyStep, Thursday - BodyPump, Friday - BodyStep, Saturday - BodyPump and Sunday - Zumba. Of course, that's if my son feels better (might be making a doctor's visit tomorrow) and if I can get into the Tuesday and Thursday BodyPump classes since they fill up fast. I'll try. If not, there is a plan B.

And yes, my 6 year old is still sick. He refuses to take medicine, so he's been dealing with a low grade fever since Thursday. He basically lays on the couch all day. Today he seems to have a bad headache which is probably from the fever and lack of eating and slight dehydration. Fortunately, he is drinking, but it's less than optimal, but not so little to worry about needing an IV for fluid.

We thought maybe it was Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease as that's around right now and the fever and sore throat and lack of appetite all seem to fit, but no blisters have developed, which they should have by now (or about now - still a chance for them to pop out). Whatever the case, if he's not better by tomorrow morning, he'll go in to see the doctor.

My arms are sore today from the BodyPump class. Seems each class a different set of muscles gets sore. Interesting! Zumba this morning helped loosen them up, but my triceps are definitely feeling it!

Stats for 7/10/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 197.8
Exercise total hours: 215
Total miles walked/biked in 2011: 587/1000

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