Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another great day on vacation!

The kids (and us adults) got a good night's sleep last night which made it easier to have a great day. I was waffling back and forth about going on the duck tour or not after I saw the price tag. It would cost $79 for the tour and that's bare bones. That's without the $20 photo and without buying a whistle. We didn't do any of the extra stuff... It was hard enough to cough up the $80 for an 80 minute tour. But, the tour guide was really good and both the kids rally enjoyed it. My youngest even got to drive the duck boat once it was out on the river. That totally made his day.

Then we went to the Museum of Science. Again, another whopping price tag. I have gotten used to Washington D.C.'s free museums so it is shocking to see how much these things cost in other parts of the country! But again, it was money well worth it. Both kids enjoyed and if they enjoy, I enjoy too. My husband joined up with us around 4 pm and we stayed until closing.

Lunch there killed me. There were no healthy options and I was starving. I realized after lunch that if I ate nothing else for the rest of the day I would be OK! But that wasn't going to happen. For dinner we went to an Afghanistan restaurant and I had a delicious grilled chicken and grilled summer veggies over a green salad with vinaigrette- normal food for me. In the end, I ate at maintenance level today. Walked 10,500 steps too.

Tomorrow we are going to walk around Harvard and then go to the aquarium. There I will meet up with another cyber friend and her kids. I know we'll all have fun. Then, we will drive to Strubridge, MA. That has an early 19th century village. Should be fun for everyone, I hope and definitely a change in pace.

Squeaked this post in just in time!

Stats for 7/27/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6 Now: ???.?
Total hours exercised in 2011: 228
Total miles walked in 2011: 629/1000

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