Thursday, July 14, 2011

Noticing new muscles and realizing this is the longest I've ever stuck to it!

As I am smack in the middle of my monthly stall-out and actually doing fairly well with the mental side of it (I think losing 5 days to a sick kid helped with that), I started to realize that I've stuck with this for six and a half months already! And I'm showing no signs of needing or wanting to stop. It feels good and fits my lifestyle well. I was even able to stick with good eating and exercise when my son was sick. I've never been able to do that before! That kind of change in routine in the past would have derailed me at least temporarily. Now it was hard for me to step away when my son wasn't feeling well, but my health is important too. An hour and 15 minutes a day is not being a neglectful mother!

I realized this as I was laying in bed last night reading a book last night. I ran my hands along my thigh and noticed I feel muscle definition there (not visible, but can be felt) that I've never felt before. And the reason I've never felt it before (or at least since I was 15) is that I've never exercised for over 6 months straight before, ever in my life, at any age! I'm 41 and a half years old and this is the most I've exercised consecutively in all those years! Well... wait, that's probably not true. When in 9th grade, I did swim team for 2.5 months and then switched to cheerleading for boys basketball... but I still think we didn't practice every day during that basketball season. Only in the beginning to learn new cheers and sometimes throughout and then in the spring getting ready for the talent show. So, OK then I came close to exercising that long. (and it was after this time that I did my first weight gain). I was 14 and 15 during that time.... how sad is that?

Yesterday I did BodyStep. In the previous two weeks I did that class and then did BodyPump, but I am no longer doubling those classes up to avoid childcare issues and I'm trying to fit 3 days of weight training in a week, so Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday works better for me.  Anyway, it was a new release of the new routine. It is definitely tougher. There would have been no way to do that step class and then a weight class and partly because they add in some weight stuff with the cardio. At the end of that class I was dripping sweat on the floor (as was everyone else in that room). Wow! I could do it (minus the propulsion) so it's a good level for me, but I probably would have died if it was the new routine when I started BodyStep 3 weeks ago.

Today is BodyPump. Taking my two kids with me today. First time the little guy will be in the KidSpace in a week since he got sick. Older son hasn't been to the gym since Saturday, so he could use it too.

Oh, and I knew I would be up on the scale today as I had taco salad last night for supper. I made my own taco seasoning and I always make my own salsa, but it's still higher sodium than we usually eat and I knew it would reflect on the scale this morning as extra water weight. Yummy and nutritious though!

Stats for 7/14/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 198.0
Exercise total hours in 2011: 217
Total miles walked/biked in 2011: 594/1000

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