Sunday, July 17, 2011

Full Sunday, but a good Sunday for the most part

We had a brunch to get to on Sunday. We were looking forward to it, but waking up the crew was difficult this morning and getting out the door at a reasonable time was even more difficult. No way to post this morning.

We got there and I was a bit apprehensive about food choices. Brunch could be very carby and I don't need or want that, but it was great. There was Frittata with a slightly spicy salsa (super yum!). There was a nice fruit salad with some homemade granola (again yum) and there was sausage, cheeses, and more. It was very easy to get a good sampling of foods without going overboard on calories or carbs. I ended the day with just a tiny bit over my target calorie range and well within "can still lose" range.

While there my older son took a nature hike with a few people while my younger son and husband went out on the river in a row boat. My younger son had been looking so forward to it because he discovered about a month ago that he loves going out on the water in a boat. I could have done either, but really what I wanted to do was stay and chat with my friends.

I worry about that choice a bit because I could have been more active. I could have taken a hike or helped row a boat, but for today, I just didn't feel like it. I am active every day, but I don't get to chat with friends almost ever. Plus, I spend so much time with kids - day in and day out, having adult time with other adults is a rare treat.

Other people started to pack up and leave, but the boys were still having fun, so I just waited for them to switch around who was on the boat next and just soaked up the environment. It was a lovely day and I felt great.

Unfortunately, my older son came back from his turn on the boat not feeling well. He felt really tired and his throat hurt. When we got home we discovered he had a fever which is a bummer. It's probably what my younger son had last week, but hopefully it won't turn into an infection for the teen like it did with the 6 year old.

When we got home we watched the Women's World Cup Soccer Final game which was another great game to watch. It was an unfortunate ending for the USA team, but I couldn't be sad either as it was a great victory for Japan too.

Then, of course, dinner, clean up, watering the potted plants and now finally at 7:30 pm here I am able to post. Phew! Busy, but a very nice weekend (minus my older son getting sick). No formal exercise this weekend, but that's a rarity and it happens. Eating was on target and Monday starts a new week starting with Zumba tomorrow morning. I have new dance friendly shoes to use for class! Yay!

I am beginning to realize though, that we are going on vacation for 6 days. Just  when I expect my biggest weight loss for the month. Going with no scale for that time will be a little weird as I love to watch the whoosh happen after being stuck on a number for so long, but I'll make do and can handle it. Just means I'll have a big happy surprise when I get home or an unfortunate one if vacation weight keeps me from losing as much as I normally would. I don't plan to go hog wild crazy while on vacation, but I also can't expect to see the same losses with food and activities being so different.

Stats for 7/17/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 198.0

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