Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loads of fun today!

Tried to post this morning, but had too many distractions. But we are here in Boston and had a great day of sightseeing in old historic Boston. The weather was perfect and I even had a chance to meet up with a cyber friend for the second time.

Eating is definitely a bit off. I'm missing greens big time and my carbs are too high. I never realized how carb heavy the restaurant diet is until I shouldn't have it! Of course, despite not trying to eat too much, my calorie intake is too high. I can feel it. 'm not going hog wild or anything like that, but foods are just heavier in general. Like for lunch I had a grilled chicken breast with fries. I could have skipped the fries, but I would have remained too hungry and i'm too cheap to order a full meal, eat one portion of it and so far nowhere we have stopped has had nice salad or nice vegetable options.

Tomorrow we are staying mostly in Cambridge except for the Duck Boat tours. The little guy should love that and it will be fun enough for the older one and I too.

Walked 12500 steps today!

Stats for 7/26/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now ???.?
Total hours of exercise in 2011: 226
Total miles in 2011: 624/1000

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