Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two big things today!

First the scale was kind to me this morning. Not only did I get to 80 pounds lost again. I also got to 100 pounds down from highest too. Still not back down to my all time low from about a week ago, but it's getting close. That made me feel soooooooooo much better. As my husband said this morning though. Who knows why I feel better. It could be from the weight loss but it could also be from the hormones starting to subside too - which of course is what also made the weight drop!

The other biggee is that I bought boots. Women's boots. Calf high women's boots! Woohoo! I have never, ever been able to wear calf high boots as an adult. My calves were too thick and my arches too high. The first pair I tried on today I couldn't even fit my foot inside because of my high instep. But then I spied a pair of Pajars. They would match both my winter coats. They aren't "cute", but they are very functional and cute enough. My current boots are men's boots. And they are ankle boots. Those are fine for driving around and getting in and out of slushy areas, but not good for playing in the snow. I simply couldn't fit any other boots - even other men's boots that would be calf high! Until today. They are a lot like these . They are just in black and don't have the fur lining or the pom-pom on top. Found them for a really good price at Marshall's (less than half the price shown online). So bring on winter and snow. This year I'm fit and ready for building a snowman!

So a good day today. I needed one! Doing BodyPump this evening. I finished the bagging of leaves yesterday.

Stats for 11/30/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. Now: 174.8

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