Saturday, November 19, 2011

And here I am - on the cusp of getting there

I knew I would see a drop on the scale this morning. First, I was peeing a lot yesterday and second, despite eating too much frosting yesterday, the math just didn't add up that I was standing still on the scale while I was exercising and eating low (around 1450-1500). So yep, down more than a pound today.

I'm not sure it will stay as I didn't exercise yesterday and today I will be lifting weights AND raking my yard and bagging the mounds of leaves already there as well as cooking a lot. I have more than too much to do today. Like way too much, but... maybe that will keep me from mindlessly eating.

Somehow today I have to bake - 2-3 loaves of bread (one for home, 2 for an auction item), I need to get to the grocery store, I need to finish up a silent auction tally (all the organizing is done and tallying is done, I just need to make the sheets to get to winners and donors for tomorrow). I need to get my Thanksgiving shopping list ready (So glad that I made a grocery list on the computer last year so I can just tweak that) and I need to make a slide show from the pictures I've taken for over a month at Sunday School and adding some video to it. I'm sure there's more - like when will I ever clean? Can't have guests come on Thanksgiving to a messy house?

I've gotten behind because I've been volunteering every day at the elementary school. I figure they need me more than my house does, but right now my house begs to differ.

So... I'll be busy today... which will probably mean I'll see a slight gain on the scale tomorrow - a lot of time on my feet and all that raking and working out tends to make me hold a bit of water. I think it was NOT exercising yesterday and giving my body a one day break that allowed for a drop in the scale - my mucles had a chance to heal between workouts.

OK... ready set go!!!

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 176.4 (79.2 pounds lost!!!!)

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