Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I honestly did try to post yesterday

But, there was a blogger error and it wouldn't go through. Being tired after a long day, I just said, "eh" and moved on.

So... It's November and this is the month I'm pushing myself to get to my goal. I want to be there by my birthday in December and if I get there before then, it will give me some buffer. And then I'll see how much further I can go without killing myself at the gym or restricting too much in my diet.

October ended for me with a 1.2 pounds gain as I'm holding water for my monthly cycle. The good news for that is that there is NO REASON I shouldn't lose a bunch of weight this month as I know at least 3 pounds of it is water!

And, I started up with the exercise again and so far so good. I took a brisk 2 mile walk today and it felt great and this evening I'm going to do a weights/toning routine at home. Tomorrow I do step. I'm committed to exercising 5-6 days a week this month so I can get to my goal. Exercise is what makes the difference from losing and not losing and I want to lose!!!!

Yesterday was Halloween and I stumbled a bit - had 4 candies and 3 cookies. Didn't eat much for meals yesterday, but subbing junk for real food isn't exactly something I should repeat. But, if that's ALL I did for Halloween, that's pretty darn good as I've been known to eat whole bags of candy all by myself!

As promised, here are Halloween photos. The jeans were too big (pinned in 3 or so inches and the shirt is too big too, but that's a first for me! We had fun!

Next year I want to go as this:

Well, OK, not the Disney version of the Queen of Hearts, but Tim Burton's Version:

Oooo or better, perhaps Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and my husband can be Jack Skellington. I lurve that movie (we have decorations for it too):

Oooo, if I got to goal weight, I could rock Sally! There are lots of great ideas online for making their costumes too. That would be fun and much simpler to do.... Ooooo... yep, Jack and Sally for next year!!!

And, today is supposed to be measuring day. I started to do it, but got depressed with seeing larger numbers, so I decided to wait - at least until this water weight leaves me. It's supposed to motivate me, not discourage me, so give me a few days to shed some water and then I'll update measurements too.

Stats for 11/1/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 184.0
Total miles walked in 2011: 834/1000

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