Friday, November 18, 2011

Seriously, what is it with me and frosting?

Yesterday I was helping my son with his homework. He's in first grade and one of his homework assignments is to read to his parents. The book he had to read was "The Chocolate cake". In the book, a little girl and boy are bored because it's a rainy day and they can't go out to play. They get an idea to bake something and go ask their mom if they can. Mom says sure and tells them where to get the cake mix and then the kids are on their own - adding eggs, water and a bit of oil. They pop it in the oven, wait for it to bake and when they go to flip it out of the pan, they realize they forgot to butter the pan. The girl is all upset, but the boy has an idea. They can make a chocolate cake custard using the pieces and for the happy ending, that's what they did.

Well, it just so happened I had some ripe bananas and I was planning on making a chocolate banana bread. This recipe easily transfers to a chocolate banana cake, so I asked my little guy if he wanted to make a cake. Of course he did. So, we baked the cake. I guess all day at school today he was talking about how he was going to decorated a cake when he got home and that is what we just did. We whipped up some chocolate sour cream frosting and iced the cake. It looks pretty and I'm sure it will taste divine, but I won't have any (maybe a bite to see how it turned out).

Anyway, while icing the cake, I couldn't keep myself from sampling the frosting. I LOVE this chocolate frosting. I can say no to jut about anything, but this frosting? Wow! No!!!! I just ate about 4 tablespoons of icing - totally not part of my plan for today, but I couldn't resist it! So, I guess it's good that I never did get into professional cake decorating as I would be in trouble.

It's funny how we all have our downfalls and I never would have guessed frosting would be one for me - that and cookie dough batter. Baked cookies aren't a temptation at all, but the cookie dough? Watch out!

Stats for 11/17/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 177.6

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  1. I have this exact same problem - cake? No problem. Cookies? Not a huge deal, especially if they aren't fresh out of the oven. Batter, dough, frosting? UH OH! I just completed a month long cake decorating class, too, so it was constant temptation (and a fair bit of failure).

    Congratulations on your newest milestone, you have done amazingly well! I've been rooting for you on 3FC, too ;)