Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zeroing in on my initial goal

I have 32 days until my birthday and I have 5.2 pounds to get to my initial goal. That is the lofty goal I set for myself the end of last year and I'm this close to getting there. Since it is attainable, since I'm feeling so much better with the neck and more energetic as my thyroid gets more regulated, I am ultra motivated to get to my goal. I can do this and there is no reason why I can't get there if I stay healthy and injury free!

Yesterday I did bodystep and it felt great. I had a spot in front of the mirror in class yesterday - I'm not usually able to do that - not that I like to do that and I get such mixed signals when I see myself in the mirror. First, I see someone who is getting fit. I see muscle definition. I see during movements that I look like everyone else in the class as far as being able to keep up (save the jumping which I don't do). But I also see my loose skin and the existing roll of tummy blubber which appears when I lean to the side or forward. Now, some of that is loose skin, some of it is fat. Anyway, I hate seeing the imperfections. Scars/memories of where I have been.

But I also notice that the skin is slowly shrinking up. I doubt it will ever get totally absorbed back in, but it's definitely getting better. My stomach loose skin is pulling up, same with under the arms and my inner thighs. My husband agrees too - it's getting better (not that he's bothered by that - that is my hangup alone).

The other thing that kind of makes me laugh is that when I started this journey, my husband weighed about 190ish. My mother in law weighed about 178. I weighed 255.6. My husband started losing weight starting late winter and now weighs 170. So, I haven't caught up with him (yet and may never). My mother in law has been sick a couple times - she had a diverticulitis attack and couldn't eat and then had a long lasting allergic reaction in her mouth and couldn't eat. She now weighs 160. I was so close to getting to her weight and then she lost almost 20 in two months from being sick! I just have to laugh... I'm glad my husband is getting fitter and trimmer for his health, so I don't begrudge him that and I'm sorry my mother in law had to get sick to lose weight (her usual weight loss method), but will I ever STOP being the heaviest person in this family? Probably not.

On an up note, I tried on my husband's jeans yesterday. He warned me that they probably wouldn't fit over my thighs as they are tight on his thighs, but guess what? The slid over my thighs and I can button them! They are way tight, but I can squeeze into them! And they are a 32" waist. Woohoo!!!! Even my husband was surprised.

Plan for today is to do a strength training class, to walk to get my son from school and to work in the yard. I am reallllllllllly pushing this month to make a final push to get to my initial goal. I am so close and I've been at a standstill for over a month and I hate that! Time to move forward!

Stats for 11/8/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 180.2
Total miles walked in 2011: 862/1000

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