Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sizes are a bit odd

I'm noticing as I get smaller it takes less to go from one size to another. Meaning, I need to lose less inches to drop a size. For instance, I took my measurements today (finally) and there is no change from October first to now. I am 41-33-42 with 14" upper arms and 24" upper thighs. Yet, when I go to try on clothes, more and more 12s are beginning to be a tiny bit loose, so I try on the 10s and the 10s fit but just a tiny bit snug. I can even squeeze into a few 8s in a few brands/cuts.

I'm discovering what brands tend to run big - Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are roomy, so in those brands I'm firmly in size 10s, but I can still wear their size 12s. Now, when I wore 20s and 18s and even 16s  I couldn't squeeze into the next size down until the current size was quite loose. Not so with these lower sizes - the differences in sizes get smaller I think. And others have noted this as well. So, I used to think I would end up in a size 12, but that was before I realized vanity sizing had struck again since my last weight loss effort. Then I thought it might be a size 10, but if I'm already getting into size 10s and I know I have another 15 pounds to go, then I'll be in 8s. Which would probably be 12s in 'the old days' of my teens.... but even that seems odd... Oh, but I was wearing juniors then and juniors are cut smaller (and run on odd sizes). So, yes, I guess that's about right.

Of course, in some brands I can't even fit into 12s, but those are more teeny bopper fashions versus the classics which I tend to be drawn to.  But again it makes me wonder what the heck the super skinny girls are wearing for sizes. Dropping to girls sizes I hear, but who wants to wear girl's sizes and fashions... though yes, girl's fashions are too sexy as it is.

I was supposed to go to the gym this evening, but my younger son was really into his homework and it got too late to get to the class. Though, I will jump around in the basement tonight. I actually WANT to do it! I'll do some strength training as tomorrow I'm doing cardio. Kathy Smith and I have a date!

I feel better today because I put my foot down and insisted on getting to bed on time. My husband and older son are such night owls that I find my going to sleep time getting pushed farther and farther back and then I get more and more tired which is never a good combination for me.

Scale is doing it's normal stall out for me. I can I feel a bit reassured that all is status quo, but man it would be nice to drop a few pounds to at least get out of the 180s!

Stats for 11/10/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 180.4

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