Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And the good feelings continue

So, I shared with my husband yesterday about the blog post I wrote and retold him how much it meant to hear those words, so much so that I blogged about it. I also wanted to tell him about it because I received a very, very, very nice email from a friend yesterday who read my blog and then said this:

First the message line/tite read: Beautiful indeed.

The body of the message is this:

I read your comment today and I can more than second XXXX.  You were absolutely beautiful Sunday.  And it was not only an outer beauty but an inner one.  When you were speaking to the group, I am sure everyone wished they had a child in your class.  The glowing love and enthusiams coming from you was just amazing.

You are truly a shining star,


Now, how can you not feel all warm and blown away from an unsolicited email like that? Of course I thanked the sender as WOW... that person made my day (and he/she is pretty darn special too and everyone knows it and I hope he/she does too!)

So, I shared that with my husband, and then he floored me some more.  He said, "Well yes, you spoke very well on Sunday - you were enthusiastic, speaking to everyone articulately and you kept it simple, short and straightforward - just saying what you needed to say and not more, so that was nice. But, I couldn't stop looking at you as you were just so beautiful." What???? This is my husband saying this? I asked him if he would 'pick me up' again and he enthusiastically said yes! Now, that is a question I would have never had confidence enough to ask before. Yes, sure my husband loved me, that I never really doubted. But loving someone and being attracted to someone is very, very different. And I'm so glad he finds me attractive again - despite my stretch marks, my beginning wrinkles, my thinning hair, and loose skin and my quirky ways.

My older son is proud of me too - though he won't be as bold enough to say it, but he lets me know in his cryptic teenage ways and I like that he can be proud of me. (Though I think he worries about me regaining it - so am I kid!) The little guy (6) probably doesn't even notice! LOL

And to add to the feeling good day, the scale moved down a bit more. 78 pounds lost! 2.6 pounds to go to get to my initial goal.

Stats for 11/16/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 178.6 (78 pounds lost!)
Total miles walked in 2011: 889/1000

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