Thursday, November 17, 2011

The grocery stores right now and how will the holidays go?

The grocery stores are temptation city. Everything I love is out - hot chocolate, winter coffee drink advertisements from Starbucks at the door of the grocery store, cookies and other bakery items and all the fixings for holiday stuff are on nearly every end cap. There is no way to avoid all the goodies at the store. Everywhere you turn are the holiday temptations.

It didn't help that I went right before lunch and I was hungry - very hungry. But, I was good. I didn't get anything I didn't need and I didn't get anything for the family they didn't need. I stuck to my honeycrisp apple and natural peanut butter for lunch and it was delicious and hit the spot.

But, it also got me to thinking about the holidays. I will make all the yummy stuff for the holidays like I always do and I said I would partake in some of that as I don't believe in depriving myself. However, I didn't really think it through. I am this close to reaching my initial goal. Like really, really close. Theoretically, I could reach it tomorrow if the scale gave me a big whoosh (not likely, but I've dropped that much in a day before). And then what? To gain some of it back with Thanksgiving? Christmas?

And for my family it is like quadruple whammy as in that 6.5 weeks starting with Thanksgiving there is: Thanksgiving (and we host so we have leftovers), my birthday, Christmas, New Years, Orthodox Christmas and my husband's birthday. Late November to the 7th of January. And we host a Christmas event too (last year we hosted two).

There is basically no way to lose weight during that time - no way. Just from the meals of those days alone - Thanksgiving, my birthday, christmas, new years, orthodox christmas and my husband's birthday - just that will take me over probably. So losing is probably out... but how about maintaining? How can I maintain and still have a few goodies? How can I maintain and eat a slice or two of my Christmas stollen? Or my fudge like dessert? Or any of the other temptations of the holidays?

I think if the holidays would have been in June or October, I would just say "this month is a wash, I'll make the best decisions I can during that time, but I probably won't see a loss during that time and will probably see a slight gain and that's OK... the next week is a new week and we'll just restart".  However, I am having a hard time with that mindset for now. I set myself a goal of getting to 175 by my birthday and I'll probably get there... but I don't want to get there and then gain back a few to not be there at 175 starting the new year and one year of being healthy.

I know it's random and I don't need to be at a particular weight at a particular time, but I want it so bad and I'm so super motivated right now that the holiday's timing is so off. I'm beginning to think I won't partake in the goodies, but just in the special days and even then, keeping it very minimal. It goes against everything else I advice anyone else to do and against what I said I would do for myself, but I just can't lose sight of that 175 especially after such a rough few weeks with everyone getting sick, my thyroid going bonky again and my neck injury. I'm in such a good spot right now that I don't want to be derailed! I want to push onwards and feel like I made it, truly made it by the new year. And from that ringing in of the New Year onward will then be just finishing the journey of the last whatever pounds and keeping up with the fitness.

Heck, I don't even want to address my stress incontinence problem until after I get to goal. It's just something I need to do for myself. I've never met my weight loss goal ever before. In 1999 I set it for 165 and got to 185. This time I'm getting there (and probably on downwards to 165 or so eventually).

I think I'm being a bit obsessive about this... but so be it.

Stats for 11/17/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 178.8 (up .2 from yesterday)
Total miles walked in 2011: 896/1000

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