Sunday, November 13, 2011

Probably just a blip, but I'm happy!

When I went to bed last night, I did what I always do - I weighed myself before going to bed. I saw 180.8. What??? That's the same I weighed in the morning and I knew that meant I would be out of the 180s this morning. And sure enough I saw 179.0 today.

I'm a bit puzzled by it as I had a hard workout yesterday and sodium was a tad high and I know ovulation is coming soon, but I'll take it! It will probably be gone tomorrow as the water weight keeps piling on before ovulation, but to even see the 170s after such a long struggle between 180-185 feels HUGE. It's a preview of what's to come.  Yay me!

And yes the workout yesterday was really hard - like tough! This big muscle man was leading bodypump and he didn't give rests in the routine like they usually do. Like, if a song is 5 minutes long, they usually have us go for 4 minutes, give a 10 second break and then push for the last minute. Not this guy. He had his own 'formula' and we did a lot more slow reps and no breaks. By the end I was so spent I couldn't do all the abs work. My body said "Nope!"

Today is a busy day today and at most I'll get in a walk. But that's OK. I have lots more to do this week that will keep my body guessing.

Ok, I'm off on this busy day!

Stats for 11/13/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 179.0
Total miles walked in 2011: 879/1000


  1. Congrats on breaking the 180 mark!

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