Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well, no pictures and here's why

Yesterday morning my husband and I did the BodyPump class together. I had no idea what to tell my husband to use for weights and advised him to ask the instructor. The instructor said to use the same weights as she does to start out. Well, that was too much for him. Turns out, for almost all the exercises, I can lift more weight than he can. Where he's stronger is in the places we were on the bench lifting with chest, shoulders and triceps.

The biggest problem was that the first weights we do are squats. He had 10 kg on the bar, same as me. At the end he was ready to collapse and after that got the shakes and wasn't steady which threw him off for the rest of the sets. He dropped down in weights (below what I could do) and still needed to step out and get some water and sit for a bit.

I was kind of shocked. My husband isn't unfit. He swims a mile every other morning at the pool. He is thin and is getting more muscle definition too with what he's doing. But, he doesn't use his butt much in swimming it seems, or his quads, so it was too much yesterday.

I have to admit, I got some enjoyment out of seeing I could lift more than he could simply for the fact that I used to be way weak and it just showed me how far I've come on this journey!

He enjoyed the class though and realized how great a workout it is, so he wants to do it again midweek, so we will take a class together again on Tuesday evening.

The strength training is definitely helping probably the most with reshaping my body at this point. It's reshaping my arms, my abs and my legs. I realize that I always hold in my stomach now and not because I'm trying to hold in my stomach, but that it's natural state is held in instead of bulging out. Still got a gut on me, but at least it's a stronger core with all that gut. My arms and legs are looking better too. Little by little.

So anyway, I wanted to have my update pictures taken yesterday, but... ready for it? My husband couldn't hold the camera steady! His arms were too fatigued from the workout - 2 hours afterward!  He tried, but nope, the little camera was too heavy to hold up. So, hopefully today I can get those photos taken.

Yesterday I also went out with my mentee for some shopping. We hit a bunch of teeny bopper places. I tried on a size M shirt that looked nice, but I didn't need it. We went to a couple other stores for older people like me and I discovered I truly wear a size 12 now! Wow! While I was trying on a size 12 and was at the 3 way mirror a sales associate saw me and said I might want to try a size 10 as their pants tend to stretch out after a couple hours. I thought she was crazy as I was still in shock that I could fit into a 12, but a 10? I went back to the rack, picked up two jeans with some stretch and a linen skirt in a 10 and figured I wouldn't be able to get them up over my hips, but no! The 10 jeans fit pretty well (gave me a bit of a muffin top) and the skirt did too, just a tad tight in the thighs/butt region. What? I went to a couple other stores and sure enough, the 12s all fit (as long as they weren't low rise jeans - in those 12s don't fit and look horrid anyway - too much gut on me!).

I didn't want to get much of anything as my summer wardrobe of 14s and those athletic clothes are still working for me. I got the linen skirt in a 10 that was on the clearance rack, but I need to shrink into those a bit. I'll see what size I need when the weather gets cooler. It would be a waste to get 12s if I'm getting close to 10s by September (though I can hardly imagine that).

I'm taking Zumba this morning (in about an hour) so when I'm done with that and shower and get all prettied up, I'll have my husband take photos today - if he can handle the camera. If not my son can. His camera yesterday had a dead battery.

Have to admit, yesterday was a big motivator to keep on chugging along! I feel great and am looking better and better!

Stats for 8/7/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 193.0
Exercise total hours in 2011: 235
Total miles walked in 2011: 653/1000

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