Thursday, August 4, 2011

Step class and a day in the kitchen - thinking of fall.

Yesterday morning I did my first cardio class in 1.5 weeks and I was a bit worried, I have to admit. That step class is tough.  I was dreading it a bit actually, but it was OK. Once I got the lead out of my legs from the weights class the day before, I was good to go. I was OK during the first part and even the first cardio peak where we drop down and do the burpees, but I couldn't do the 3rd cardio peak as they wanted... That time we drop down to the step and do rock climbers or something like that. My heart was already racing, so I just stayed up and used the step while they did those. During the cool down I was able to do about 2/3s of the plank section (the most I have done yet), but it wiped me out. The intensity level from this routine and the last is huge.

After class, I came straight home and then started working in the kitchen. Started with doing the cake dishes from the night before (lots). Then went to making homemade mango strawberry ice cream. Then, started the sauce for lasagna, then made a white cake with the leftover egg whites from my mother in law's bday cake chilling in the fridge. Then I started some loaves of bread. Then started the rest of the lasagna stuff and finally washed up all the stuff for salad. Delivered the meal to my neighbor who had surgery (lasagna, homemade bread, salad and ice cream) and fed my troop - lasagna and salad and mother in law's birthday cake and then did more dishes. Oh, yesterday I also started a slow ferment bread too, but now I realize I forgot to work with it last night! I wanted to let it ferment about 10 hours, then knead it up and let it rise in the fridge overnight. oops! Hope the mixture is still good this morning!

Basically, I was in the kitchen for about 6 hours yesterday. As a result, my calories were a bit high yesterday, but nothing horrible, but too high for sure (about 1850 when I usually eat around 1500). I don't want to be standing in the kitchen long today. One reason lasagna is worth the effort - leftovers!

It was a bit cooler yesterday and that got me to thinking about fall. I have absolutely nothing for fall and winter. Well, I currently have a pair of jeans I bought in May, but they are getting loose. I have a pair of slacks from 1997, but again, they are getting loose. I'm currently in a size 14, but will I be in 14s by fall? I'm thinking no (which will be very odd for me... I haven't worn a 12 since I was like 15 and then it was like for a minute as I jumped from 9/10 to 13/14s really fast. Of course, today's  misses 12 is like a junior's 15/16 'back in the day'. But I haven't worn those measurements since I was 17 or so!) For tops I have absolutely nothing except for a couple shirts my mother in law handed down to me and I'm pretty sure those are getting loose too. I love to shop, but I really don't want to go shopping for winter clothes! Yes, it's summer, who can think of winter clothes, but when you are looking at a dresser and closet full of size 18s and 20s for fall/winter, and you are currently wearing a looser size 14. You know you can't even find a way to have them 'make do." Summer clothes you can get pretty cheap, but fall and winter? Not so much. But, it's still summer, so I'll stop thinking about that for now!

Stats for 8/4/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 193.2
Exercise total hours in 2011: 233
Total miles walked in 2011: 645/1000

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