Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taking pictures today! and more of course!

I realize I'm overdue for an update picture. I said I would do a picture every 20 pounds and it's been more than that. From here on out, I will take a picture every 10 pounds as I get closer to goal. I'm doing that for two reasons. One, it will take me longer to get to each ten pounds lost and the other reason is that I think the 10 pounds will look about as different as the 20 pounds as I get closer to goal.

I am finding now that my legs and arms are shaping up, but my gut/waist are my big trouble spots - all mushy. Of course, I still have extra everywhere, but it's more in the middle and probably always will be.

The weights classes are helping a lot with reshaping my body and today my husband is taking the weights class with me! I hope he likes it! I sure do and I'm finally not sore from the tough workout I did on Tuesday!

Other than that, today I'm going mostly window shopping with my mentee. She loves to shop and I'm in desperate need for clothes for fall. She should like that, I hope! But, we're also going to swing by the paint your own pottery store and see if we can do that or at least get ideas for what we want to do or make there.  Busy day, but at least we got to sleep in a bit!

Stats for 8/6/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 193.2

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