Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been up since 5 am and I'm about to face that tough class again

So, my mind still freshly remembers how hard that step workout was on Monday evening. I'm set to take that same class, same instructor today at 9:30 am.  Now, it's in the morning, in a cooler gym, but egad, I'm getting tired already. I definitely think a nap is in store for today to make it through, but I also need to clean out my refrigerator (perfect time as it's getting bare bones in there) and while I'm at it, my kitchen floor needs a good mopping (or two). My kitchen is big and the tile includes the front entryway and side entryway too. Takes a bit of time and muscle to mop it all. It's well past due though... I should do it, but will I? We'll see. It all depends on how I feel after this really tough class. I liked the old release routine so much more than this one. This one kicks my patooty!

Yesterday was my weights class. That went well, but this is the week the instructors can switch up the routines now that it's been a month since the new release. Well, when they alter the routine in the step class, it's not that big of a deal - same with zumba. You just follow the instructor and learn the new steps. With weights, however, a different routine can fatigue the muscles differently. So, just when I have figured out how much weight to put on the bar for each song, they go and change it up on me! This instructor yesterday changed the lunge section to one I felt was a bit easier. But she changed the biceps section to one that was much more difficult. My arms couldn't do all the reps with the weight I had on the bar. What was perfect weights for the song with the new release, is too much for this older release. Problem is, I won't know what song the instructor is doing, until she starts it! Too late!

I've also realized in that class, that for the leg work, I have the heaviest weights on the bar. For the chest/arms work (except for standing triceps work), I have almost the lightest weight on the bar. I know why too. Until recently, I was walking around and carrying around and exercising with an extra 60 pounds. My legs have muscle. My upper body started from zero strength and has needed to increase to get stronger. I'm glad to have kept my leg muscle and I'm hoping my upper body will catch up on strength eventually.

Other than that, yesterday was getting ready for school shopping. My children have enormous feet. My 14 year old has size 14 men's shoes. Holy wow! My 6 year old wears a 3.5 youth. They both need new socks too and finding XL socks means ordering them online as the ones in stores go up to size 12. For the past 4 years the kid has been the same size shoe as age. I really hope this trend stops here though!

One other thing is that I've noticed that since we've come back from vacation, my daily calorie intake has been higher - around 1600. I'm hungry! I'm keeping the carbs below 100, but having a hard time keeping my calories around 1400. I don't know if it's that I got used to more food during vacation or if the strength training is increasing my appetite. We'll see how it goes from here, I guess. I'm in no race to lose this weight, but I don't want to stall out either.

Stats for 8/10/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 193.2
Exercise total hours in 2011: 238
Total miles walked in 2011: 665/1000

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