Friday, August 26, 2011

Husband said I shouldn't be frustrated, but I am!

So, last month I mostly missed the whoosh because I was on vacation. I still lost a bit last month, but less than I would expect. Then this month my cycle was a bit off and I ovulated early (by about 4 days - I think) and I had a whoosh for a week and since then I've been bouncing around. So that means this month I'll have one week of loss and three weeks of being stuck. That is so hard to deal with psychologically, I can't even tell you!

My husband says, "You know what you are doing is working and your body has been so very predictable, so you should be happy with your progress." And yes, I'm happy with my progress, but I cannot express how very difficult it is to keep doing everything right and to see the same 1-2 pounds bounce around on the scale week after week. I would much rather see slow and steady losses throughout the month than this start and stop business my body does. Because, like now, I'm questioning my plan. Why when normally I lose now, I am not? Am I way off in calculating my caloric intake? Have I somehow messed up my metabolism? Or is this some natural pattern and I shouldn't worry about it? I have to at least another 3 weeks to figure out if it is 'all good' or if I need to change things up because I'll be going into my stall-out again. Argh!!!!

So, I guess I'm feeling frustrated today. BodyStep this morning. Woohoo! (Trying to psyche myself up for it) and then I need to get some stuff in case the hurricane knocks out power/water.

Stats for 8/26/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 189.2

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