Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feeling a bit more optimistic today and enjoyed Zumba!

Yesterday was a tough day. I fought the hungries all day and in the end was doing great, but that chocolate chip cookie that was staring at me ALLLL day finally won. I ate it. I savored it and enjoyed it. And you know what? One cookie was enough and today I feel stronger and more capable of having an on plan day.

Did BodyPump yesterday with my husband. He took it easier on weights this time and isn't in pain today. For everything except the chest exercises on the bench, I can lift considerably more than him, but then I looked around the room at the other men in the class and you know what? I can lift more than many of them. There were a few women in class that lifted pretty heavy and by looking at them, you would never guess how strong they are because they have those thin, lean muscles. Which just goes to show that you can't tell by looking at someone how strong they are or not.

Then today I did Zumba. It was the same instructor as the bodypump instructor and she is so much fun and full of energy. I wish she were the regular instructors for each of these classes instead of a substitute.

I'm going to do Zumba tomorrow too instead of bodystep. Bodystep is just so hard that adding in a hot gym (which is the only place I can take it on Mondays) is too much for me. Though, I say that and I'm finding with Zumba that I have to really push myself hard to get a good workout in Zumba. It's feeling like it's a bit too easy. Which wouldn't be true if I knew the routines and could move at tempo from the beginning with the instructor, but what happens is that the instructors keep substituting dates/times and rarely do you get the same routine twice in a row. You end up stumbling around for a bit trying to pick up the steps and by the time you get it, they have switched it up again. Maybe eventually I'll be exposed to enough of the songs to get a good workout as they will all be more familiar, but that hasn't happened yet.

Other things are that I need to help my son reorganize his room It's a disaster and he has far too many things in there that he doesn't use or need. He's gone from kid to nearly an adult and his needs are changing, so time to purge! Monday he starts band camp and then back to the school routine we go. I don't envy his schedule either.

He's entering 10th grade and his schedule goes like this. Fourth period is lunch too and the classes are twice as long and alternate every other day for that period only. Though, I have to say for this kid starting the day with Chem and Pre-calc is a lot better for him than last year that was US History and Health:

1st period: Chemistry GT (gifted and Talented)
2nd period: Pre-Calc GT
3rd period: Band
4th period A: English Honors
4th period B: Economics/American Government GT AP
5th period: German II Honors
6th period: Art I

He's wanting to start to run too, so I'm going to try to start with him. Maybe it will be good mother/son bonding. Instead of me being super nag all the time.

Speaking of nagging. I need to go nag him to start cleaning his room!

Stats for 8/14/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 194.4
Exercise total hours for 2011: 243
Total miles walked in 2011: 686/1000

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