Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lots of milestones soon - met one yesterday!

I detailed eons ago some milestones I was looking forward to. One that I was looking forward to was losing the same amount of weight as my son weighs. I thought I had hit that milestone when I lost 66 pounds, but no, the kid had a growth spurt and gained a pound, so I hit it yesterday. I had lost 67 pounds exactly and he weighed 67 pounds exactly. Here's the picture (as always click on it to make it bigger if you wish):

This was a special milestone because he was a big reason for my motivation to get healthier. He was only 5 years old when I found out that my health was in a very bad place. To be 40 years old and find out you are diabetic, have a nearly non-functioning thyroid, high cholesterol and super high blood pressure is a huge wake up call. Being that age with a very young child is an even bigger wake up call. I want my kids to have a mom. Not only that, I want my kids to have a healthy mom they can be proud of!

Yes, I have an older son too and he's 14. At 14, he's almost grown, so while I wouldn't want him to be motherless either at a young age, that guilt wasn't quite as strong for him as it was for my younger son. Not that I love my older son any less. Just that he's more ready to be on his own than his younger  brother, of course. But yes... they both deserve a healthy mom and I felt guilty that they didn't. That's not fair to them.

So.... hitting the milestone of losing the same amount of weight as my son weighs was a huge one for me. But I have a couple other big ones coming up too! First, is getting to 185 pounds. That's the weight that I got to when I lost weight last time. That time I lost a total of 50 pounds to get down to 185. I have already surpassed the 50 pounds lost mark, but not to the all time low of that weight loss journey. That is in just 3 pounds!  Another milestone I just passed like the same day as when I met the same weight of my son milestone is that I am now at my wedding day weight. And, I'm actually smaller than then because I'm more fit now. And then another milestone coming up is 179. That is how much I weighed when I had my college entrance physical when I was 18. That one will be HUGE as that means I will weigh the same as when I graduated high school. Of course, I felt heavy then and I was a bit heavy, but it's all perspective. I have never, ever weighed that little since then.

After that weight... it's uncharted territory. I have no idea what I weighed when as we didn't have a scale at home and I avoided them at all cost. All I know as that when I was 14 and on the swim team, I weighed 140. I was thin and fit and not completely grown or filled out yet. I grew another 1.5 inches and my hips and breasts expanded after that too. So, one thing I do know is that getting to 140 is an unrealistic goal. Other than that... I'm clueless as to where my ideal weight is and more clueless about where my body will want to settle into a weight.

Down another .4 today.

Stats for 8/21/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 188.2 (67.4 pounds lost)
Total hours of exercise in 2011: 249
Total miles walked in 2011: 707/1000

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