Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got almost everything accomplished yesterday

Yesterday really was a very, very busy day. And, I somehow managed to squeeze most of my plans in.

First, I did bodystep in the morning. A good class and a tough workout, but I felt great afterward. I came home with my son, had lunch, got him lunch and then I was about to go mow the lawn when I got a call from my older son - he had an accident with his bicycle and flew over the handlebars. He sounded calm, so I knew he was OK. He was close to home and so got himself home. He took a shower and then we dressed his wounds. For what he did, he actually got quite lucky. He was riding home on the sidewalk going downhill. He hit a bump and both wheels came off the ground, when he landed, he hit a tree root which mostly stopped the bike, but threw him over the handlebars. He went feet first, in front of him over the handlebars and landed on the side of his leg, butt, and back and a tiny bit on his elbow. His leg got quite a gash, but it's small. His butt took a scrape as did his waistline and then mini scratches up his back. Fortunately, he was wearing his helmet and double fortunately, he didn't hit his head.

This whole event, however, did change plans for the afternoon. I got him cleaned up, took him back to band camp to talk with the band director (I wasn't comfortable having him in camp after such an accident, especially marching while carrying a sousaphone!) and then fed him lunch, indulging him in his favorite drive thru meal.

Then, I needed to get to Target to get a few items my husband needed as well as some new bandages to better fit what we needed for that accident. Finally, at 5 pm I got to mowing.

All day yesterday I wasn't very hungry (even before my son's accident), so for dinner I just ate a salad while the rest ate leftover pizza. I finally got to making bread and yogurt in the evening and got to bed a bit after midnight.

Only thing that I had initially planned that I didn't get to was bodypump. After my bodystep class, I was feeling it a bit in the knees. (I still feel it this morning) and thought, "Why am I doing two classes AND mowing today?" So, I dropped the class. I'll just do my weighted routine in the basement tonight. That one I can stomach doing, unlike cardio. At least I 'say' I will do it. I'm realllllly tired today, so we'll see.

Plan for today is to go to Virginia to meet up with my mentee. We are going to paint some pottery. That should be fun! I'll see if I can do any shopping while out there too. I would love to find one more pair of pants, a raincoat/windbreaker and a top to match a pair of pants I have. I want to be able to feel dressed when fall hits!

Oh, and much of the water weight left me overnight  - thank goodness, but I'm still not back down to my all time low.

Stats for 8/25/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 188.6 (67 pounds lost)
Total number of hours exercised in 2011: 251
Total miles walked in 2011: 718/1000

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