Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This stuff is for the birds!

Or maybe not. Birds don't ovulate. I saw another jump in the scale this morning. Back up to where I was about 10 days ago. That darn ovulation weight gain couldn't be skipped I guess. I think the heat (no AC yet) is getting to my body too. I'm not overly frustrated, but it seems so counter intuitive on paper.

Other than the dreaded weight gain, yesterday was a good day. I built the yard swing set. It took me three hours! and I took a couple loops around the lake in the evening. The problem with no AC is that I'm HOT after a fast paced walk and then I come home to a hot family room. A nice cool shower helped and then I slept wonderfully.

Last night I watched the finale of Dancing with the Stars. I don't watch much TV - one or two shows a week. I watched from begining to end, Dancing with the Stars this season (Monday's only - and would read about the results from Tuesday night shows). I wanted to see Kirstie Alley. Kirstie is a bit of a whacko and out there personality-wise, but I love her gumption. I love how she handles herself publicly  with this battle with weight. I think she, like I, feel the open battle keeps us more honest, but it also shows we are human. That we do have battles within ourselves and that these secrets only hurt us.

Anyway, I didn't think Kirstie deserved to win (or even come in 2nd place), but I am so glad she made it to the finals. I was so happy to watch her transform, but even at the beginning, when she was heavy, she moved with confidence and poise.

She is 60 years old and doing lifts and cartwheels and dancing her heart out. SIXTY!! That is so wonderful and  when I watch her, I feel inspired. Like Carrie Ann said during the first part of the finale, something like this, "You embody what 60 should be". And Carrie Ann is right. There is no reason why most 60 year olds in today's American lifestyle where we aren't worn down from years of hard labor that most of us couldn't do what Kirstie was doing. OK, maybe not with the same dancing talent, but with the same power and gusto. That is what I'm aiming for - activity and healthy into my 60s and beyond. So thank you Kirstie Alley for being such an inspiration! Even my mother in law who always watches DWTS became a Kirstie loving convert. How could you not root her on?

Stats for 5/25/11

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 211.0 (blah!)
Exercise total hours in 2011: 163
Walking/Biking total miles in 2011: 434/1000

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  1. Birds ovulate. That is what eggs are. :)