Monday, May 23, 2011

And here comes the fluid weight gain!

I know I'm not up 1.4 pounds because of over eating or lack of movement (though it was a light day yesterday sandwiched between two heavy gardening days), but STILL! Not a nice surprise this morning to be all the way back up to 210.4. Oh well, my body does what it needs to do I guess. I'm just glad I'm still ovulating and not going through menopause yet. As much as I find it all a big hassle and annoyance, it's better for my bones and body if my ovaries continue working. So, these monthly weight gains are just part of my life.

Yesterday I spent an hour cleaning the deck. It was covered in leaves (our northern plain tree drops a few new leaves in the spring and then grows them back), pollen and tree leaf fuzz. I swept and then used the hose on a harder spray to get all the gunk off. Of course, within an hour, I had about 20 more leaves on the deck as the trees hang over the deck.

I checked a bit around my flower bed in the side yard and it looks a lot better. Still no sign of the bulbs I planted, but there are bulbs sprouting in the back yard by the rock garden. We'll see how it all develops. It would be a bummer if I have to go replant the areas where the perennial bulbs didn't come up.

I was also looking at my tomatoes. They are growing fine and have about 30-40 tomatoes on them already and I don't see stink bugs all over them yet, which has me a bit hopeful. I will need to get some mesh fencing to go over the parsley to keep the critters out of it. Seems they don't like the rest of the herbs. 

Today I'm putting together the garden swing and I was planning on planting the rhubarb and digging up on the side of the house, but the guys doing our gutters filled the side yard with debris and their ladders. So, I guess it will have to wait, but I can plan for it!

I'll probably do some walking today and maybe some upper body strength training. We'll see. I also want to get our mud room cleared out and hopefully our garage too as it's now filled with lawn/gardening stuff. I created a mess with those plastic containers. Stacked neatly, but there are a ton of them. We also need to rearrange the garage so that we can get the bicycles and cars to have space and easy access which means we will have to move things around in there to have it make sense. More work, as always!

Stats for 5/23/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6   Now: 210.4
Exercise total hours in 2011: 161.25
Total miles Walked/Biked in 2011: 429/1000


  1. The good news is that if you continue exercising, the effect of menopause on your bones is going to be a lot less negative.

  2. This is very true. Plus, there are advantages to being built big - stronger bones and less chance of brittle bones as I get older.